I currently offer two different types of coaching/supporting packages.

Most of what I do is I feel into what’s going on in the present moment. For You, for me and from that I let nature take over. In these types of meetings people have experienced a lot of shifts in their experience, psyche, ahha moments about their lives etc. Sometimes people have even experienced changes from just spending time with me.

  1. One on one coaching with me. 60 EUR/h. In addition to money I’m always open to making different kinds of deals as well. I help You, You help me sort of thing. So definitely reach out and let’s see if we can make it work.
  2. The meeting package. If You feel like there is something in You that wants to be met in some way or held in some way. 5 sessions 1,5 h each. I will also record the meetings and You get a copy of the recording. 550 EUR per package.

I work online and use the Zoom platform for these meetings. If You don’t want the meeting to be recorded that is perfectly fine with me. If You are in Estonia then we can definitely do a live session/sessions as well.

If You want more specific information or would like to book a session, then do so here.

I take my commitments seriously and I hope You honor me(and Yourself) by doing the same.