Your Charming Imperfection

Image source: From the depths of My soul All your little flaws Small wrinkles in the corners of Your eyes The way You roll You eyes when You speak The way You look into the distance Don’t think I didn’t notice The way You turn towards me Subtle hints You give with Your body … Read more

My Swollen Heart

Image source: Imagination land My heart is swollen From all the beating it has taken It’s been open and closed Love has awaken it and fear has sealed it It has been conditional so far What happens on the outside Affects the inside of me As I’m learning this is not the way to go … Read more

Our Lives

Image source: Our lives are just quietly fading away into the darkness We are just desperately trying to find significance in it all Doing our little tasks, wearing our masks For what? Some new goal? Some shallow, almost hollow meaning we are giving our all to give it? We are in a hurry, to … Read more

It Burns

Image source: When sadness and rejection hit You You think You are ready for them But they tell another story A tale of emptiness from somewhere back A blast from the past, so vast n fast it lasts As the hollowness of Your being in that moment hits You Your amazed by it, almost … Read more

Bless This Mess

Image source: I’m in my head again Fuck, fuck, fuck Not even friar Tuck Can replace me as my friend No, he has his hands full Now it’s time for me to meet My maker Myself The only one I’ve ever been up against Time to use all My strength I’m wide open With … Read more

A Love Lost Long Ago

Image source: When we first met The image of it still remains Ingrained deep within me Makes me want to take a second Appreciate it Inflate it Embrace it I looked at You with such tenderness You were so sweet Just lovely I wanted to hold You right then and there The look You … Read more


Image source: Where there’s a will there’s a way As they say Nay Afraid I lay Wanting to slay Things that inside of me remain Haunting me Flaunting Taunting I pray Stay No I’m in their domain It’s not the same I see them I feel them Ingrained Framed Stained Almost Give me a … Read more

Sweet Sound Of Nothingness

Image source: Backyard of My families country home in Estonia You can almost hear it Whispering Nothing There’s layers of it Each one wiser Entrenched in it all You can hear a call A cry even Sobbing for You Waiting And when You answer it, the sweet relief, overwhelming love of it flows through You … Read more


Image source: This has been boiling inside of me for a long time. I do not yet know what’s the real reason I’m writing this but I feel it needs to be done. I came across an article in my home country of Estonia, where the president of our nation decided to give a … Read more

True Masculinity – A Place Where Your Inner Pussy And Inner Tough Guy Meet

Image source: I feel inspired to write about this. True masculinity. What this means to me. I want to do it for all the men and women who are shamed in our society today but first and foremost I am doing it for Myself. As I’ve been immersed in this New Age spiritual culture … Read more