Time Your success with the stars

Launch courses/books/projects, pick time for trades on the market, or enter poker tournaments on the best days for You personally!

Tested on real people in the real world...

Poker players

Role model the best in the business to see what they did wrong and right.


Learn why this is the best industry to day trade in and the secrets to picking the right ones.


We use special software to speperate the good from the bad ones and to make instant trades.


You will be part of the exclusive club of people who know the secrets to day trading.

Coming from experience...

I used to be a professional poker player before becoming an astrologer.

I know personally how frustrating it is to go through periods with "no luck".


Or now, after starting my entrepreneurial journey, pushing out products and not getting any "hits" or sales.


This is why I searched high and wide for a simple method to time our best periods.

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