Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 – World changes and predictions for all Zodiac signs

The planet of death and destruction, as well as transformation and power (even money, and lots of it), is starting its long transit in the sign of Aquarius. What will Pluto in Aquarius bring us globally and individually?

I learned some of the things mentioned in this article from this book by Andre Barbault, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. But if You decide to get it, I will earn a small commission.

I also wrote about a shorter transit about Saturn that is starting in 2023 here.

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Table of Contents

What does Pluto represent?

I opened this blog post quite dramatically, and it serves Pluto right. Because there’s going to be an abundance of drama wherever Pluto goes.

But what does Pluto actually mean?

  • Death, destruction, shame, trauma, crisis, deep emotional wounds, extremes, sexual abuse, obsession.
  • Transformation, rising like the Phoenix from the ashes, rebirth, feeling powerless and then empowered (and the transformational journey needed to get there).
  • Money, too much money, power and control, powerful people, people behind the scenes pulling the strings, too much control.
  • Criminal activities, the mob, murder, detectives (undercover ones as well), researchers, astrologers, numerologists, people who work in esoteric fields, therapists, psychologists, crisis workers, hedge fund managers, bookkeepers, resource managers, and tantric therapists.
  • Astrology (the more psychological kind of Astrology), esoteric matters, tarot, numerology, tantra, intimacy, and deep sexuality.
  • Resources coming from others, insurance, inheritance, partner’s money and resources, resources that are pooled together, managing of resources, bookkeeping, hedge funds, mining, and resources under the ground.
  • Bringing things out from the depths into the light. Uncovering dark secrets that have been hidden for a while.

What does Aquarius represent?

I now need to bring in the other side of the coin in order for us to understand what “Pluto in Aquarius” really means. Aquarius, a Fixed Air sign is traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn. And in modern times, by Uranus. I’m personally an astrologer who likes to merge the two worlds, I like to use both of these planets for rulership.

What does Aquarius truly mean?

  • Big groups of people, human society, masses of people, concerts, gatherings, protests.
  • Big systems, the economy, supply lines.
  • Followers, fans, social groups, friends, social networks (Meta, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • The internet, computer systems, networks of any kind, cryptocurrencies, crypto businesses, technology, AI, computers, science, space, and electromagnetic waves.
  • Innovation, something new, being ahead of the curve, something strange and unique, being eccentric, being different.
  • The sky, lightning, mycelium.
  • Flying objects, planes, helicopters.
  • Astrology (the side of astrology that deals with more mundane and material matters) like finance Astrology for example. The side of Astrology that is more left-brained and technical.
  • The truth (Pluto will bring it to light and be seen by the masses), freedom, liberation, being connected, the human intellect, and sudden brilliance.
  • Sudden and shocking events (including discoveries and truths), separation, distance.

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 societal effects

Now that I have shared the deeper meanings of both influences, what’s going to happen in our human society?

You must remember, we as humans always have free will. We can choose what we follow and what we give our attention and energy to.

The following are high-probability scenarios but we always have the last word. Make wise choices in the coming years.

New control mechanisms to assert authority over the masses by governments

The social credit system already introduced in China is just one example. But we will see an increase in control in all areas of our human society. What the Rona started, will continue.

Some examples of what it will look like.

  • Humans are microchipped to be tracked at all times. Every move and action is followed and logged by the powers that be. All Your data and belongings are held on that microchip. And it will be sold as a “good idea”.
  • The wide introduction of the social credit system.
  • Implementation of CBDCs.

Power to the technocrats

Pluto will bring tremendous wealth to people in the tech industry. And with it comes power. At first, we will see these individuals (Elon, Jeff, and others) attain great influence (and yes, even more than they have now) in human society.

Megacorporations will form and attain even more strength.

And then, the darkness, power, and control that they really have will be revealed to the masses (Aquarius). It will definitely be shocking to most humans.

Some of these individuals, as well as the corporations, will be forced to transform or face destruction. And some will have bigger falls than others.

Expect to see crazy valuations of tech companies (after Saturn finishes with its transit in Aquarius in 2023 and we will start to move up in the Barbault cyclical index.) And hidden secrets about them revealed to the masses.

Another theme I will be keeping tabs on is tech corporations taking over countries. Or they will form countries within countries with their separate economies and legal systems etc. I do see this as a trend as we venture towards the unknown of the future.

Mining in space (or space itself) during Pluto in Aquarius?

Another well-hidden (Pluto) trend I see happening in the next 20 years is mining for resources in space. (Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto represents mining and Aquarius space itself.)

This can involve the Moon or Mars.

The actual repercussions will be heavy and cause revolt back here on earth.

This infographic from explains how it can be done but I don’t like the look of it at all.

Let us hope we get more sense back into our brains as soon as possible!

The crypto industry and cryptocurrency

It’s not all “magical” about Bitcoin, darkness awaits to be uncovered.

The entire industry will change and transform, as well as the darkness that lies in it will come to light.

There are a lot of bad actors in that industry, not to say, scammers. It will be cleansed and the right ones will remain. But there will be an enormous amount of power given to these people. The ones who are the inventors of certain technologies that will be used by humans. Expect to hear about wild ńet worth reports in regards to these people.

The industry as a whole is here to stay but it will face many transformations and crises in the next 20 years. Lots of ups and downs, extremes towards control (power), and destruction. Both will exist while Pluto is in Aquarius.

Another big theme that we are already currently seeing is CBDCs. Governments will be looking to exert more control (Pluto) on regular people (Aquarius) through controlling money. And even taking complete control of money from normal people.

Unfortunately, this means destroying cash altogether. It again will be our decision if we allow it.

I see many “coins” and “companies” destroyed and going under. Others will gain an enormous amount of power.

AI rises during Pluto in Aquarius

AI will emerge as a leading force during Pluto in Aquarius. But it will also be managed and controlled (maybe even banned or destroyed).

If anything represents AI in astrology, it is Aquarius. And now when Pluto enters, unfortunately for us humans, AI and the power it will harness in our society will rise dramatically.

Companies will go to AI to cut costs and speed up their businesses. It will not happen overnight but the wheels are already turning. This will put even more power into the companies that work WITH technology and who create AI solutions. I see massive control and power put into the hands of these people. Again, it will be for us to decide if that is good or bad.

There will be positives to take from this, AI will solve many problems. But the dark side of the coin here is that it will bring a mass crisis of unemployment in the next 20 years.

Many will call for AI to be banned or regulated (at least). Others will take the side of elitism and can’t really see the issue with us losing our humanity. But what is certain, Pluto will transform how we interact with technology and how we use it. First, many will go towards the extreme of “I want to be a cyborg” but the fault in that approach will also be shown to us.

All industries will be affected by the rise of AI. Some more than others.

What are some of the industries that are in more danger?

Soon, You won’t have to put this outfit on to go drive Your car. Why? Because the car will drive itself!
  • Transportation.
    • Taxis, buses, trains, trucks = all the people who operate these machines will be replaced with technology. I also believe that flying and pilots are in danger of being replaced. This will unleash a revolution, massive riots, and protests.
  • Production.
    • I see many machines that are currently operated by humans replaced with AI or advanced technology.
  • Education.
    • You might be surprised to read this but it will happen whether You like it or not. I see humans learning directly from machines and with them. The AI teacher learns much faster than the human teacher…
  • Service.
    • The service industry is largely at risk. You can already order food through machines, soon it will be delivered by them as well.

There are others and the general outlook should be, if Your job can be easily automated, it will be in the next 20 years. Many will have to transform their entire working lives.

The Economy and Pluto in Aquarius

We are in the late stages of capitalism, Pluto is here to destroy what is left of it. But the good news is that it will rebirth something new and better!

Our economy will be entirely different after 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius. Here are some of the important themes I see.

  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be a big part of it. I see a tokenized economy on one side. With the already mentioned CBDCs playing a huge role.
  • UBI or Universal Basic Income will come but the dark side here is again that it will come through CBDCs. Putting more control into the hands of the governments. The positive side here is people will get to do more of what they desire in their working lives.
  • I also see people on the side starting to barter more with just things to avoid the forced technologies to control them. If the goods You purchase in exchange for other goods with another human offline, there will be no trace of it for the governing forces.

I see a mixture of capitalism and socialism put into place (with the CBDCs and blockchain playing a huge part). After Pluto is done in Aquarius, we should have some sort of balance between these two extremes. Unfortunately, we will have to go through the ups and downs of it as well.

This means the growing inequality in our society will get so bad people will have to revolt. More power to the haves at first, thus making the lives of the have-nots even more uncomfortable.

This will send us towards the other extreme = taking a lot from those who have more than they need.

We will have to find the balance through it all!

Connection between humans

Whether You like it or not, You are also connected to the suffering of others on this planet. As well as the positive side.

Pluto will also transform how we connect to one another. And even the understanding of how connected we are.

What do I mean by this?

The mainstream and more commonly accepted idea is = we are these separate creatures that have to compete on planet earth for resources. And that there’s no deep and inherent connection between us.

That understanding will be destroyed and transformed into = We are a living, breathing organism that is intimately connected to one another. What happens in Bangladesh actually affects people in the United States and so forth. We are telepathic and can connect to one another in ways unimaginable for the current mainstream thought.

We will start to communicate telepathically with one another, fewer words will be needed. And AI will also help here, it will solve the barrier of language. We will be able to quickly communicate with people who do not speak our language.

Controlling our nervous systems

We don’t need machines to control our feelings and emotions, we should be the masters of them!

This is the most negative vision I do see. I’ve already mentioned microchips, AI, and advancements in technologies.

All of these will be used to control (Pluto) the nervous systems (Aquarius) of our society (Aquarius).

Technologies to control our moods through the nervous system will emerge and people will think this is a good idea. I assure You, it is not.

Our emotions and feelings are what make us human.

I also see wave technologies that can do the same. For example, certain sounds or waves (5G and even new ones) are introduced that mess with our consciousness in a not-so-positive way.

These technologies can be used to cause revolutions or revolts in certain areas of the world to destabilize the region.

Trauma and abuse in our society

Our global pain will not stay hidden while Pluto is in Aquarius.

Pluto will not leave anything uncovered and our deepest pains, as well as hurts, will come to the surface while Pluto is in Aquarius.

What can this look like?

  • We will see how much sexual abuse is happening all over. This will become more and more public, thus transforming our society. The future is healthier but it will come through pain.
  • How many people are actually suffering and struggling will also be revealed.

A really optimistic outlook – the power to the people while Pluto is in Aquarius

The next roughly 20 years are going to be crucial for the fight for our humanity, or turning ourselves into machines. Or giving all of our power to technology and machines.

But there’s an alternative scenario I also see. Power (Pluto) to the people or masses(Aquarius). To give You grief before that, we will go through “Power to the machines” (which is also Pluto in Aquarius) first. And then we will work our way back to the balance between these two worlds.

This will most likely happen through blockchain technology. And/or through small communities formed within bigger communities and countries.

What do I exactly have in mind?

  • The voting system will change and most people will be able to participate in voting on crucial matters through blockchain technology and making the system more cohesive and including (Aquarius). This will limit some of the control people with a lot of resources already have.
    • But it will create other problems. Manipulating the votes and controlling social networks to get people to vote for certain agendas. People are currently easily manipulated through their emotions, we should keep that in mind for the next 20 years.
    • Deep fakes and AI are used to manipulate votes and agendas through and from the media.
  • Smaller mini-societies will emerge who have their own voting systems to deal with important decisions.
  • The traditional governments and governing bodies will be dismantled. Every person will get to vote and have an equal say in things. Remember, this will come through a crisis! This means, at first, most of the power will be taken from the masses.
  • I also see a movement where people who have had enough will form separate societies aside from the mainstream and live lives on their own terms.

If I really want to play the optimistic flute, money or great wealth (Pluto) to the people (Aquarius). This is where UBI or Universal Basic Income can come into play through a similar idea like the Freedom Dividend.

Pluto in Aquarius and Astrology

Pluto in Aquarius will take Astrology into the masses. With some help of course.

With the conjunction of Uranus and the North node in Taurus during the summer of 2022, the direction of Astrology, in general, is getting more practical.

But how does Pluto, the planet of deeper and perhaps more psychological Astrology influence the spiritual science in Aquarius (the sign of human society)?

With it already going practical, and with the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction supporting it from 2020, Astrology will go into the masses.

The road toward acceptance will have many extremes within it but the gears are turning and not even ridiculing Astrology can’t stop the forces of our Solar system. It is what it is, and some people (like Neil deGrasse Tyson) will have to accept it.

The dark and nasty side I see for myself and other astrologers is that some of the negative heat and suppressing of Astrology will also gather momentum. It is a storm we have to weather and we can come through it even stronger!

Let’s make Astrology practical and usable for other humans.

The bigger events with Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto’s transit lasts for roughly 21 years, does it mean it’s going to be only death, destruction, control, and transformation in all areas (and all the time) already mentioned in this blog post?


But there are time pockets where these events will be triggered strongly. And these are shadow periods before and after Pluto goes in and out of retrograde. As well as the retrograde dates.

But generally speaking, Pluto works slowly, behind the scenes, and then erupts during specific moments (while going in and out of retrograde or making aspects to other planets).

I will now list the dates of Pluto going retrograde between 2023-2044. The influence can be felt strongly 3 weeks before, and 3 weeks after Pluto goes in and out of retrograde.

Pluto retrogrades 2023-2044

Remember, during 2043 and 2044, the retrogrades will happen in the sign of Pisces. But Pluto’s transit in Aquarius is not yet finished!

  • 2 May 2023 – 12 Oct (Pluto goes into retrograde in Aquarius but comes out of retrograde in Capricorn)
  • 3 May 2024 – 13 Oct (Pluto goes into retrograde in Aquarius but comes out of retrograde in Capricorn)
  • 5 May 2025 – 15 Oct 2025
  • 7 May 2026 – 17 Oct 2026
  • 9 May 2027 – 19 Oct 2027
  • 10 May 2028 – 20 Oct 2028
  • 12 May 2029 – 22 Oct 2029
  • 13 May 2030 – 24 Oct 2030
  • 15 May 2031 – 25 Oct 2031
  • 16 May 2032 – 26 Oct 2032
  • 18 May 2033 – 28 Oct 2033
  • 20 May 2034 – 30 Oct 2034
  • 21 May 2035 – 1 Nov 2035
  • 22 May 2036 – 2 Nov 2036
  • 24 May 2037 – 4 Nov 2037
  • 26 May 2038 – 5 Nov 2038
  • 27 May 2039 – 7 Nov 2039
  • 28 May 2040 – 8 Nov 2040
  • 30 May 2041 – 10 Nov 2041
  • 31 May 2042 – 11 Nov 2042
  • 2 Jun 2043 – 13 Nov 2043 (Pluto goes retrograde in Pisces but comes out in Aquarius)

Pluto in Aquarius throughout history

Pluto can leave things in ruins at first but it will also help to rebuild a better version of what was destroyed.

Pluto’s cycle is extremely long, and the last time it was in Aquarius was in the 1700s (1778-1798). But what are some of the themes we can pull from past times?

1778 – the last time Pluto entered Aquarius

The beginning of the end has already started for the US. Or how it is set up currently. It will not be a federal republic after Pluto is done with it.

It was a revolutionary time in the now United States of America. France entered the conflict thus turning the Civil War into an international endeavour. If I had to pull some parallels immediately, there is a high probability that other forces will enter the conflict between R.ussia and U.kraine.

But what is also important is what is happening in the US. The country is already going through its Pluto return and entering a revolution – some of the states are talking about, and even looking for independence from the federal government. If I had to put my money on it, with Pluto in Aquarius, this will happen.

We are also going to see revolutionary movements like these in Europe (the EU is not a lock in my opinion anymore) and all over the world. Countries like Hungary and Italy are already giving signals that they are in disagreement with the direction of the EU. Others will also want to leave. But! There’s still a chance that the EU will transform itself into a better version!

Canada is another country worth mentioning where I see this type of fragmentation and separation happening.

This will in turn form even smaller countries and “communities” within countries. And new alliances.

1789 – The French Revolution starts while Pluto in Aquarius

Although important, freeing the nipple won’t be the rallying cry this time. Power to the people!

And it ended just after Pluto left Aquarius. It is quite safe to say that people like to rise up during Pluto in Aquarius.

Last time it was against Monarchy, will it be against the powers of the state or government this time? Or even large institutions and/or corporations? I’m a betting man and the money is going on yes.

I must remind You that revolution is just a fancy word for change and transformation – or Pluto. Although Pluto does not guarantee violence, anger, and that sort of activity. But when provoked, as the control gets so severe and bad by the state that people don’t have anything other to do than revolt, Pluto will bring violence and destruction.

True during the French revolution and the American Civil War.

If governments and institutions ease their control on people (unlikely but will happen in some countries) – it will be a slow transformation and not a bloody one.

But on the other hand, if they don’t – I see revolutions happening in countries like R.ussia, C.hina, USA, and Europe. Basically, all over the world. Wherever the control gets too much – that’s where the uprising will happen.

Pluto in Aquarius predictions for the Zodiac signs

In which areas in our lives will we feel Pluto’s transit the strongest? Read the personal predictions to find out! NB! Start with the Ascendant, then Sun and Moon in no particular order.

I also want to add some words of wisdom being a very Plutonian person (Pluto in the 1st house) myself.

As individuals, we must understand the nature of Pluto to use it best.

Pluto will play on our deepest insecurities and pain in the areas I will dissect in the following paragraphs. The first thing we like to do in those cases is control situations. Control with Pluto will lead to even more suffering and destruction.

With Pluto, it’s best to learn to surrender to what is currently happening. It is a masterclass of letting go and feeling the pain of letting go at the same time.

And this we have to do as individuals and as a society as a whole.

Wherever control gets too much = Pluto will come and burn it to the ground. And the rebirth can start once more!


Your dreams, goals, and long-term projects will undergo a complete transformation. Some of the things You have been working on will not make sense, and the desire to let them go entirely will be forced upon You if You don’t make the necessary changes. A crisis with some of the projects is inevitable. It is for Your highest good in the long run.

Another area that will be completely changed is Your social circles and friends. You will attract powerful people into Your world but some older friendships will need to fall off. The darker side of this coin is that some individuals who You care about will leave the planet as well.


Your career and working life will require initiating changes. Failure to do so will result in crisis or fall from grace (or even both) in Your public and chosen occupation. Start the changes Yourself when You truly deem them necessary, instead of suppressing the need to do so.

In other words, You need to transform Your working life! And with the changes coming, no better time to start than now. New courses, new interests, a new way of doing things in Your business. These are the way to go. Otherwise, Pluto will come in and make You suffer. And that suffering will lead to necessary adjustments.


A crisis of belief. I see the potential that Your understanding of the world is entirely and utterly transformed.

It will start with “If this went bad, and this is happening in the world, what else do I have to believe in?” These are the types of questions You should be asking during this transit. And do Your best to let go of understandings about life that no longer serve You. You will know which ones when You start to suffer still believing in them!

Upheavals in the life of Your father. Unfortunately, in some extreme cases, it can also mean the death of the father. A reconstruction of Your higher education is also in order. Starting and finishing new webinars, and diplomas can be a good way to transform Your training.


A deep emotional transformation awaits Cancers, and it will be a long one. Everything that has been hurting You from the past, will be revealed to You. This can be a painful process. Good areas to dig deeper into are astrology, psychology, numerology, tarot, energy healing, tantra (intimacy and sexuality), and therapy.

More material areas that are bound to take a hit – Your partner’s resources, resources coming from others (like clients, banks, investors, insurance, and inheritance). All of these will need transformation on Your part.

How You personally deal with a crisis and go through it will also need to be transmuted and replaced by new and better ways.


Pluto flies in stealth mode and metamorphoses Your relationships and partnerships. The truth and darkness (sometimes good and bad) will be revealed to You about Your long-term personal partner or even in business relationships. Who are they really is the question You should be asking.

Power dynamics and control issues will emerge, and many Leos will attract Plutonic partners into their lives. Either powerful and transforming, or abusive and controlling. You take Your pick! Obsessing about or obsessive relationships are also a theme.


Everything You are doing wrong regarding diet, health, and exercise routines will be shown to You through difficulty. Or You can start making changes now. Look at what You are putting into and on Your body. Are the choices You are making healthy? Or addictive?

The dark side of Pluto can make You obsessed with being skinny or healthy but You have to walk the fine line between extremes if You want to truly revolutionize Your health.

Sudden and dark matters are revealed to You about Your employees or about the place where You work Yourself. Are all things truly how they seem to be?


Your creative approach to the world (can be in the form of business or different projects) will go through a certain kind of purification. Meaning, during specific moments through this long transit Libras will have to consider if their business is actually a reflection of themselves. Or rather some old parts of who they once were?

Relationships with children and romantic partners will require a change. Power dynamics of who is boss in these relationships will lift their head.

Sexual expression can change and take a deeper, more intimate turn. Researching intricate esoteric topics like astrology will become a source of fun.


Your desire and need for sexual expression will increase dramatically. Especially when Pluto conjuncts Your IC!

Relocation to another country can be in the cards. At the very least, transforming Your home entirely. But a lot of You will definitely move homes.

Another, and the more difficult story is Your own emotional safety and relationships with the family. Dark secrets can be revealed, and You in the midst of it will have Your foundations shaken. This is not to punish You, rather will serve You in the long run by transforming Your emotional strength into the iron fist that it should be!


You will see and experience Your thoughts and ideas getting more obsessive, as well as dark during this long and at times excruciating transit. The positive side of this is cutting through bullshit that others feed You with Your critical thinking and deep perception. Intuition will get stronger.

You can also find Yourself thinking about sexual and taboo topics, almost compulsively.

Relationships with relatives and brothers and sisters (even neighbors and teammates) tend to have a controlling undertone. Or they will go through difficult changes. Some skeletons from the closet can be revealed. Your local environment will be utterly different through the transformation that it will go under.


Get ready for Your values and worth to undergo a surgical and deep revision! They will look nothing like they do now after Pluto is done with You.

Where You invest Your money and how You make it will need a change. The same old things will not work and if possible, start thinking of “How can I do things differently with my money?” Ups and downs with financial resources are something that You will have to deal with.

Consider Your investments and if they are as bulletproof as You think they are. The possibility to make money and lots of it is here but it will come through lots of research, powerful contacts, and the transformation of Your own self-worth. You can make money with money!


Just when You thought it couldn’t get any weirder being You, Pluto enters Your sign for the next 20 odd years!

I hope You have Your big girl or boy pants on because this is going to be a wild ride of transformation, death, feeling empowered (and even disempowered), growing Your perception and intuition, and even interest in esoteric matters like astrology.

As a person who has Pluto in the first house natively, I can say that You have to become a master of changes, of extremes, of complete annihilation, and rising from the ashes as the powerful being You are. Crisis, abusive people, and then turning it all around into personal empowerment = this is the game You have to master now!

I truly wish You good luck and lots of strength because You are going to need it! Do Your best to allow things (or people) to go out of Your life when the snowball starts to roll in that direction. Although painful, it will make room for the new to come in quicker.

Whenever You notice Yourself gripping old things that no longer serve You = it is time to move on. Otherwise, life will make it increasingly more painful!


If I had to pick then Pisces should have it the easiest with the destructive but liberating forces of Pluto. But!

Your subconscious beliefs and patterns will come out to play and the darkness that You have suppressed will be revealed to You. Thus also showing You some of the gifts You have tucked away deep into Your psyche. Spiritual practices, dream analysis, and deep research into matters are welcomed by Your consciousness. It will help to liberate Yourself from past shackles.

Meetings with powerful, yet at times controlling people behind the scenes is another theme You should be aware of.

How will Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 Affect Me if My Sun Sign is in Aquarius?

pluto in aquarius 2023-2044

Aside from Aquarius Ascendants, people with their Sun in Aquarius will feel this transit truly deeply and transformatively.

During this transit, you may find yourself challenging existing paradigms and redefining your identity. Expect to delve into the depths of your psyche, unearthing hidden strengths and confronting deep-seated fears.

This is a time for significant growth, where the very foundations of your character and life approach might undergo revolutionary changes. You’ll likely feel a strong pull towards asserting your individuality and may become a catalyst for change in your wider community.

Personal Development for Aquarius Sun Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius 2023-2044
  • Intense Desire for Individualism.
    • Strong urge to assert one’s unique identity and break free from conventional norms.
  • Transformation of Self.
    • An ongoing process of self-reinvention and shedding old aspects of identity.
  • Deeply Independent Thinking.
    • A tendency to form opinions and beliefs that are markedly different from the mainstream.
  • Ego Death and Rebirth.
    • The entire identity of a person will go through death and rebirth.
    • The more they hold on, the more painful it will be.
    • This involves everything they believe in and how they express themselves.
    • Through that, they will discover their true identity.
    • The negative side is overconfidence. The positive side is a deep belief in one’s abilities.

Interpersonal Dynamics for Aquarius Sun Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius 2023-2044
  • Compelling Presence.
    • A magnetic personality that can both attract and intimidate others.
    • The negative side is power over others or the desire to control others.
    • The positive side is power over oneself.
  • Challenges in Power Dynamics.
    • Potential for power struggles in relationships due to a strong desire for control.
    • Especially with male or father figures. Even people in leadership positions.
  • Deep, Transformative Relationships.
    • Tendency to have relationships that profoundly change both parties involved.
  • Being Profoundly and Extremely Suspicious.
    • This can happen because the individual is discovering new powers from within and starting to penetrate the consciousness of others.
    • Or it can happen through seemingly unbelievable and dark events in their life.

Career and Ambitions for Aquarius Sun Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius 2023-2044
  • Innovative Leader.
    • Ability to lead in unconventional ways, often ahead of the times.
    • Often this will happen in bigger groups of people.
  • Drive for Significant Impact.
    • Aspiration to make a lasting change in society or their field.
  • Potential for Obsession with Goals.
    • May become overly fixated on achieving certain objectives.
    • The individual can put in tremendous amounts of effort to achieve their worldly ambitions.
  • Career Change and Transformation.
    • The Aquarius Sun native can see their entire career come crashing down in flames (extreme case).
    • And then rebuild it even more powerfully than it was.
    • Extreme fluctuations are to be expected in one’s career.
    • One moment they are at the top of the world, and then in the drenches from where they need to exercise true power and will to get out.
  • The Life of Bosses and Leaders in the Individual’s Life Will Go Through Massive Change.
    • The extreme case is death.
    • The norm is secrets and taboo matters coming to the surface and light for all to see.

Intellectual and Spiritual Growth for Aquarius Sun Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius 2023-2044
  • Interest in Esoteric or Occult.
    • Drawn to deeper, hidden truths of the universe.
    • Through that, the individual discovers unknown facets about themselves or life itself.
  • Philosophical Depth.
    • A natural inclination towards understanding the bigger picture of life.
  • Revolutionary Ideas.
    • Tendency to develop thoughts and ideas that challenge the status quo.

Challenges for Aquarius Sun Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius 2023-2044
  • Struggle with Ego and Power.
    • Difficulty balancing personal power with humility.
  • Tendency to Isolate.
    • May feel misunderstood or alienated from others due to unique perspectives.
  • Obsessive Tendencies.
    • Risk of becoming too absorbed in personal goals, career, or ideologies.
  • Feeling Powerless.
    • Certain situations might arise that assert power over the individual. Thus requiring them to “rise from the ashes of powerlessness” and rediscover their inner, as well as outer strength.
    • This can mean either through other individuals or external circumstances that are initially shocking.
  • Trauma in Groups.
    • The native can experience pain, control, etc. dynamics when part of bigger groups of people.
    • Eventually leading to their power and healing (transformation).

Opportunities for Aquarius Sun Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius 2023-2044
  • Potential for Great Influence.
    • Ability to effect significant changes in society.
  • Gift for Innovation.
    • Natural talent for thinking outside the box and pioneering new ideas.
  • Spiritual and Personal Evolution.
    • Opportunity for profound personal transformation, healing, and growth
  • The Individual Discovers Their Unique and True Power.
    • This will come through pain and deep discovery.

How will Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 Affect Me if My Moon Sign is in Aquarius?

pluto in aquarius

There are similarities between how Pluto in Aquarius will affect Aquarius Moon vs Aquarius Sun but the essence of the transit for Aquarius Moon people is significantly different.

After all – the Moon represents our emotional life and family. And extremely often, our mother.

Personal Development for Aquarius Moon Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

  • Embrace transformation by questioning and revising your core emotional needs and personal values.
  • Cultivate self-awareness to understand deep-seated fears and desires, aiming for a rebirth of your inner self.
    • Especially matters that have been suppressed for years and years need to be examined now.
    • Pluto will make sure You will do that!
  • Prioritize emotional independence while remaining open to deep, meaningful connections with others.
    • The balance here is hard to find and You will fluctuate between extremes. Remember that it’s ok to do that.
  • Explore unconventional paths to personal fulfillment, breaking free from traditional expectations.
    • You will need to emotionally liberate Yourself from the past, from social norms, and build a new life that is more suitable for You.

Interpersonal Dynamics for Aquarius Moon Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius
  • Expect shifts in your social circle, attracting individuals who align with your evolving values and beliefs.
  • Navigate changes in relationships with detachment and open-mindedness, allowing for growth and renewal.
  • Foster community and collective projects that resonate with your ideals, playing a pivotal role in humanitarian causes.
  • Practice clear, honest communication, embracing Aquarius’s air element to articulate your thoughts and feelings effectively.
  • Prepare for emotional manipulation.
    • This will come from Your family first (can also be from others outside of the family circle) but keep Your eyes open and Your senses on alert!
    • It is another opportunity to become emotionally stronger.
  • Dark secrets coming to the surface from Your childhood and family.
    • This can involve cheating, trauma, sexual abuse, and everything twisted that was suppressed years ago.

Career and Ambitions for Aquarius Moon Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius
  • Anticipate significant shifts in career paths or ambitions, driven by a desire to align work with your authentic self.
    • Your goals and long-term projects need to align with Your emotional changes and what they bring.
  • Innovation and technology may play a crucial role in your career development; stay abreast of emerging trends.
    • The development of Your intuition will help You stay on top of the undercurrents of society.
    • Learn to tune into the collective consciousness.
  • Collaborate on projects that contribute to societal advancement, leveraging your visionary perspective.
  • Embrace leadership roles in endeavours that promote change, equality, and innovation.

Intellectual and Spiritual Growth for Aquarius Moon Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius
  • Engage with new philosophies and knowledge systems that challenge the status quo, expanding your intellectual horizons.
    • This will help with all of the emotional changes that You are going through.
  • Pursue spiritual practices that emphasize community and connectivity, reflecting Aquarius’s collective consciousness.
    • It will help rebuild new emotional foundations that will help You feel more safe in the world.
  • Meditation and mindfulness can help manage the emotional upheaval and provide clarity amidst transformation.
  • Seek wisdom in unconventional places, being open to insights from diverse cultures and experiences.
  • Emotional crisis can appear from seemingly nowhere.

Challenges for Aquarius Moon Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius
  • Coping with feelings of isolation or detachment as you navigate through deep personal changes.
  • Resistance from traditional or conservative structures, both in personal circles and society at large.
    • The pressure to break free from these will lead to emotional outbursts and a “Revolutionary mindset”.
  • Overwhelm from the intensity of change, leading to emotional turbulence or uncertainty.
  • Balancing the need for independence with the desire for emotional connections and community.
  • Feeling like You’re under constant emotional attack or emotional ups and downs feel too much.
    • You will get breaks but this is the theme You might be experiencing.
    • Unfortunately, this also means that You Yourself might become emotionally manipulative and controlling.
  • Deep and suppressed issues with the mother figure and family come to the surface.
    • In extreme cases, it can even be physical altercations but it all starts with Your emotions boiling.
  • Fears about survival entirely rocking Your world.
    • This can mean relocation and thus feeling insecure about safety and well-being.
    • The inability to feel safe in the world – seemingly for no reason or because of subconscious fears.

Opportunities for Aquarius Moon Sign During Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius
  • Emotional freedom and liberation through pain, transformation, and therapy.
  • Creating a new and emotionally nurturing environment and life in general.
  • Developing piercing intuition and a strong “bullshit detector”.
  • To form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of belonging in new or unconventional communities.
  • To leverage innate intuition and innovation in solving complex problems, especially those that benefit the collective.
  • To undergo profound personal evolution, emerging with a stronger sense of emotional foundation and purpose.
  • Going towards the esoteric and unknown will help make sense of things happening around You and in Your internal life.
    • Look towards astrology, tarot, psychology, etc. to transform Your understanding of things. Thus also transmuting Your emotions.

Summary of Pluto in Aquarius

Man or machine? Control or freedom? Together or separate? The government or the people?

These are the extremes we will be going in and out of. And through these extremes, we will again discover the balance.

Pluto will ignite the desire for freedom within each and every one of us but unfortunately, it will do so through power (the negative kind) and control.

Time to put on our transformation boots and wait for the sweet destruction of Pluto!

Let’s do our best to stay human and USE the machines wisely.

Some of the things mentioned in this article I learned from this book by Andre Barbault, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. But if You decide to get it, I will earn a small commission.

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