Sleep Better with Astrology

Tested in the streets of life!

Our Readers Are Lovin' It


"IAN I AM DYING with the Scorpio one because OMG I’m going to send a pic of my bedroom!!!" - Mercedes (healer, Podcast host)

Beautifully done!

"This book is beautifully done! I personally enjoyed reading all my family members' Rising Sign and I had to laugh because it does correspond to our bedrooms! In addition, Ian provides a very enjoyable experience for the reader." - Lada Duncheva (Astrolada)

Simple, just the way I like it

"The text is underpinned by the principle of keeping things simple in sync with a delightful curiosity." - May (Client)

What's Inside

About The Author

Freedom and meaning are the birth rights of every human being on planet earth.

Before we can create freedom and meaning externally, we must look within and liberate ourselves.

With this book, you’ll have everything you need to overcome the relentless thoughts, ruminations, and stress of insomnia.