Hey there, my name is Ian and welcome to my site.

A little about me.

I’m a mystic, writer, poet, thinker, podcast host(and many more.)

I was born into this world as a very expressive, sensitive, blonde haired boy. Ever since I can remember I have always been very sensitive to my surroundings. To the extent that I could feel everything that was going on with everyone else around me. You can probably imagine that it’s a lot to take for a young kid. Unfortunately my journey from there took me into an exploration of different kinds of substances. Now looking back at all of it I can see that it was all just to numb myself (because I didn’t have the proper tools to deal with all of the things that were going on.)

I still remember one fated night after coming back from my usual party filled evening. I was laying in my bed, crying, praying for answers(and at that time I didn’t really believe in anything not seen to the naked eye.) Oh boy has that changed for me! 😀 I remember asking for something, asking for a way out of this type of life. I was really sad and angry deep down. And in that moment I said a prayer from which everything changed.

Suddenly new people started arriving in my life. Teachers, friends, books etc. I got sober and remained that way. That journey started for me over five years ago and now I’m finally here. Wanting to share more of my experience with You. In the hopes that You will gain something valuable from this on Your own path. During these past few years a new, deeper sense of meaning and commitment has been arising in me. This site is an expression of that and it will definitely continue to evolve.

What am I passionate about?

What I’m most passionate about these days is exploring the intricacies of this human experience. Everything that surrounds us and lives within us.

I also love astrology, speaking, writing, painting, wood-work, being in nature and working with people. I’m also a scholar of the unknown, dreams, esoteric and energetic realms. There is much wisdom there yet uncovered. And if we are to grow and survive as a species, I believe it’s crucial we learn, educate and start recognizing that these realms effect us as much as the physical plane of existence.

I’m deeply intrigued by people and their stories. There is so much richness and beauty (also darkness and shadows) here in this world for us to experience and explore together. I hope You join me on this journey!


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