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“We have worked with Ian in doing a variety of astrological and intuitive projects. His versatility of astrology wisdom plus his compassionate delivery is an invaluable resource that everyone should have access to. Highly recommend solar return readings as birthday gifts. Ian has a clear way of delivery that makes Astrology understood and applicable to those who have no idea of what to expect.”

Joe and Cindy

Joe and Cindy

Highly recommended!

Fox Dreamer

“I could not recommend Ian highly enough. My consultation with him went directly to the heart of the issue I presented and gave me precise insights that were specifically relevant that I really needed to explore and work through. Having had many astrological readings previously – Ian’s consultation has been by far my best experience. He listened attentively, could zone in precisely on the energies at play. The report sent beforehand gave a highly detailed account of the transits and issues, everything shared about my past was detailed, highly accurate and it really gave time to process everything efficiently and effectively when we were talking, including the past context influencing the present situation. It had such specific accuracy and he captured the essence of energy currently at work and the reflections/intuitions he shared were so helpful in helping me process my issue. His consultation was so professional and helpful. Ian is an excellent Astrologer and again I could not recommend him highly enough. The best reading I have ever had!”

Annie O’Brien

The best reading I have ever had!

M.Sc. Psychotherapist, Ireland

“I booked a consultation with Ian out of curiosity, I was looking for alternative ways of healing insomnia. I’ve suffered from it for more than ten years. I watched one of his videos on Youtube and for an inexplicable reason, I felt he was the right person. I got invaluable advice on how to use my talents and abilities to empower myself. So many things have changed in my life so fast! I started to sleep more, I feel my body is healing. I’m learning more about the nervous system and trauma. This is helping me to deal with stress and heal past trauma. I now see my insomnia was a gift. It was a way for my inner self to call my attention. I’m more connected with my body. I listen to it and try not to live from a mental perspective only. I would definitely recommend Ian. He’s a caring person with an in-depth understanding of astrology.”


I would definitely recommend Ian.

“Ian is my favourite astrologer!
Ian is the best astrologer I know as he is very focused and gives his best to every client. I have had a few readings with him and every time I got way more than I expected. He is very good at looking at the bigger picture and seeing what career paths are good for you, and what are your difficulties in life. Also very good in specific details. Once we looked together at how my job interview went and do I get the job and so on..even then the results were amazing. So I recommend him with very different themes and questions.”



My favourite astrologer!

“Ian has helped me in ways that I just cannot hope to describe in words. I have gained more insight into my own psychology through his astrological knowledge than any other avenue I have explored. He is a clear channel and is able to bring through messages that I need to hear. Keep in mind that I said “need”, not “want”. His authenticity shines brightly and is very appreciated in my life. I cannot recommend Ian highly enough!!!!”



I cannot recommend Ian highly enough!!!!

“I must mention that taking your course about Deals & Partnerships, completely changed my approach to Astrology and especially, Venus in my chart. It has been a game-changer for me. I’ve been listening to you on YT, way back when you had less than 100 subscribers and I love your content, guidance and advice ever since.”



It has been a game-changer for me.

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