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    How to make the best deals and form the best partnerships

    A lot of pivotal moments in our lives are defined by negotiations and deals.

    Be it a salary negotiation, or even agreements about equity in a company. Or rights to Your brand name for example.

    These can break our business or catapult us into new heights. Even if we consider salary negotiations. There’s a huge difference if You take 10% or even …

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    Sleep Better With Astrology

    Every sign, which means every person, has their own unique way of sleeping.

    Certain things they like to have in the bedroom to induce sleep.

    Better to start from the Ascendant, then go for Sun and Moon for extra info.

    For example, Aries native can benefit from foot massages and foot baths before bed. While …

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    The Meaning Book

    I started writing The Meaning Book in 2015, without knowing I was writing it.

    It was just something I enjoyed doing. The words came out, I was just there.

    It also helped me through a difficult time in my life. A dark time emotionally. Getting over a break-up with a woman I cared about deeply.

    While writing it, a lighter side of life …