10 Years

What would You do if You knew that You have exactly 10 years to live from this moment onwards?

Would You do something differently? Would You change Your life entirely?

Would You do something dramatic? Or would You go crazy and party the next 10 years?

What would it be?

Would You even change anything?

I’m sitting with this inquiry at this moment.

The truth is, I would not change a thing. Continue onwards, learning, growing, listening, doing, building, connecting, writing, sleeping, eating.

I would just have the knowing that I would be gone from this planet 10 years from now. In a lot of ways, this would come as a relief for me. A good solid 10 years to experience life and I would be done. Nothing special, no big fuss. No achievements necessary. Just living.

What would You do?

Let’s get creative with this, go!

Ian Altosaar

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