An INSTANT And Miracle Cure For HAPPINESS And Inner PEACE

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At this moment in time, most people are suffering from some sort of anxiety, negative thoughts, or some other type of emotional turmoil.

This leads them in the direction of searching for solutions. Because no one likes suffering.

The biggest problem in starting their journey is that they are looking for an instant cure that would solve all of their problems.

Which is understandable considering the pace of modern, mostly western, society.

Unfortunately, at this current moment in time, this solution does not exist.

There is nothing that could cure all of Your emotional and mental problems, for example, in a single session of therapy.

Or meditation.

Or yoga.

Or sex, tantra.

Or psychotherapy.

Or psychedelics.

Or hypnosis.

Or allowing everything. (Although my personal preference and what I see gives the individual the most freedom and power over their lives.)

Or diet.

Or insert any modern therapy. Or drugs, etc.

Unfortunately, this is not understood by many humans. So the hope for a miracle cure or pill is still alive.

How to change Your life and thoughts?

Through conscious practice and dedication.

By showing up every day, then taking breaks and continuing again.

You can do all those things I mentioned above, they will help and guide You onwards. These are good things to do, mostly.

But none of those will take the human experience away from You. And the human experience is not only about pleasure and enjoyable things. Meaning, You can’t take away Your suffering with a magic wand. Nobody can.

It is about growth, learning, pain, joy, falling down, getting up and doing the work.

Unfortunately, it is about suffering and learning through that suffering as well.
(But don’t take this as an excuse to suffer, it is only a small portion of Your time here.)

Miracles can help and do sometimes happen.

But at the heart of the human experience is dedication, learning and growing. Which usually takes time and practice.

Happy suffering!

Ian Altosaar

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