BTC Astrological overview for 31.01–07.02.2021

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Originally posted on Twitter. Not financial advice.

A thread and summary for BTC for the week of 31.01–07.02.2021. I focused on BTC natal chart mostly with some general examples of things going on.

As everyone is celebrating the GME victory as a definite win etc for the small guys, the war is still ongoing. Saturn is strong in Aquarius, and although the restructuring, as well as the “fight” between institutions and the masses, is just beginning (or getting heated let’s say), it is just one battle.

From an astrological perspective, Saturn is stronger than Uranus currently in Aquarius. While Uranus itself is in Taurus. This should mean that the institutions, for now, are in a stronger position. That is why we shouldn’t celebrate too soon. Keep Your emotions clear, steady and don’t follow the hype. The market always and constantly moves up and down. Yes, the masses, in the end, have more power, etc but it’s still early (very early days) in a long war.

We are in an interesting week and I pulled out some BTC natal aspects to see (without emotion or bias involved) where we might be going.

The positives:

Transiting Venus Conjunction Radix Jupiter on the 1st of Feb = in an uptrend it has spurred it on in the past, in a downtrend it has spurred on the downtrend.

Transiting Neptune Conjunction Radix Uranus = surprisingly a positive. Out of two examples from the BTC chart= in an uptrend, it has spurred it on in the past, in a downtrend it has spurred on the downtrend.

Transiting Neptune Conjunction Radix Uranus = surprisingly a positive. Out of two examples from the BTC chart we have two starts of uptrends (short term).

Transiting Mars Trine Radix Sun, 2nd of Feb = down on the day kind of aspect but short term again has started an uptrend.


Transiting Jupiter Conjunction Radix North Node = although we can consider this an expansive aspect in a person’s natal chart, with BTC we don’t have any examples. The first time this is happening. This automatically means Transiting Jupiter Opposition Radix South Node!!! Also important to know and observe how the South node plays out, or the entire configuration. (I don’t care what the crypto witch says, not every aspect plays out the same way in real life with BTC and other cryptos, we don’t have the data yet to be making that assumption. We can lean towards bullishness at best.)

The negatives:

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius = out of 4 examples from 2014 until now, all Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius have been a DOWN move for BTC. This is extremely important!

Transiting Mercury Conjunction Radix Neptune, on the 6th of Feb = so far this has been a more probable down day for BTC.

General or global aspect, Saturn Square Uranus, 7th of Feb = it has lead to downturns in the markets every time in the past. Can’t be taken lightly. Although we don’t know how crypto will react. The first time we are having this aspect with crypto.

Full Moon in Leo on the 28th of Jan = usually pumps on the day but comes down soon after, even starter of downtrends.

Venus is invisible = usually not so good for money, financial markets, etc.

How do we dissect this and make the most profitable trades? As You can see it is quite difficult, such a 50/50 for now.

Personally looking for a pullback. Around 32, 30, 28, or 26k. If this doesn’t happen I think it will pump with the help of those positive aspects, or sideways action. In that case, the best moves would be alts (if it stays around 35–37ish?). We can also try to utilize the pump aspects for some sort of short term long trade until the middle of the week. Probably not my favorite, considering where we are in the cycle.

For now, only alt plays or BTC until the middle of the week, approx. Can exit sooner for safety, and trailing stops. And then I’m exiting for the Saturn Uranus square and wait to see how it plays out with retrograde, etc. Longing dips with caution.

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