The Cosmic Adults – Weekly Astro/Intuitive Overview for March 20 – March 26, 2022

Another week, another Cosmic Adults Podcast episode! In this week’s episode: VHS rentals and tips on how important it is to rewind the tapes after You are done watching them! Movie trivia and references (Top Gun, Wayne’s World, Starsky and Hutch). What the energies of the week will bring? Sun moving into Aries. Sitting in …

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One of the greatest liberations for a human being is understanding that most people only care about the individual because it affects them in some way. So in truth, they are actually only caring about themselves. In this painful discovery it is easy to give into despair and pain. But if You look deeper, this …

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Commitment is fucking crazy Yet I still do it Commitment means pain and suffering Yet I’m still pulled towards it Commitment means emotion and confinement of desire Yet my soul still burns for it In commitment, people go crazy Yet they still do it Because something within them is calling Broken humans …

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Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash When there’s enough emotion. The entirety of a person’s intent can change. Or in other words. If the emotion is powerful enough, the individual can change their entire being in ways unimaginable. From an addict to a creative human being who has a desire for life. From a saint …

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The Depth Of Each Moment

Photo by VisionSpace … on Unsplash The depth of each moment is decided by ourselves. The richness of our inner experiences deserves our attention once in a while. The glitz and glamour of the outside experience sometimes takes us for a ride, and it’s awesome. But in the middle of it all, a deeper yearning is taking place. …

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One of the BIGGEST Mistakes

Photo by Ben M on Unsplash One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they have an understanding, or have come to an understanding, or have figured something out for themselves, they start judging others. Not only judging but unfortunately shaming others who think differently. Or haven’t yet come to the place of that understanding. This alienates …

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