Money — The Conundrum Of Our Time

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The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group I created on Facebook.

The title of this piece needs some explaining.

At this moment in time money is a huge part of our lives.

We could argue that most of our existence revolves around making it.

At the very least it is one of the essential parts of our lives.

Which brings me to the conundrum part.

If it’s such a huge part of our existence on this planet, why do we struggle so much with it?

And why is it so hard to even talk about it, look at it or deal with it?

For most of us, there’s a lot of pain associated with it. Or the feeling of powerlessness. Or both.

It is also more comfortable to not deal with it in the short term.

It is much easier to invent new beliefs in our minds that either disregard money completely or develop a very detached approach to it.

Although I believe some attachment is necessary for all areas of our lives, I also believe that it serves an individual when they take a hands-on approach to some degree.

This is one of those cases.

If we want to empower ourselves as a species we have to empower ourselves financially as well.

This means learning about the financial system, getting clear where we are financially, and one of the biggest pieces, what do we actually believe about money?

Definitely a word of caution and warning from a person who is constantly doing this, it is uncomfortable.

There’s no way of denying this.

One of the reasons for this is because we believe our survival is dependant on it. And it is to some extent.

Everything to do with survival and talking about it, and doing something about it is uncomfortable.

All of our memories, fears will come to the surface to be dealt with when we start looking at those things.

How can it possibly be comfortable?

It isn’t but we have to do it anyway.

Birthing something, like a new belief, takes work and time. And it is usually some pain attached to it.

But if we want a new way of being on this planet together, we have to do it anyway.

So, dare to look, dare to explore, dare to go to those places where it feels uncomfortable.

You might be surprised by what You find there.

Happy exploring.

Ian Altosaar

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