Personal review of the year ahead (via Zoom) 2,5 hours

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In each and every month there’s a 2,5 day period where astrological and therapeutical consultations are more potent for the individual.

They get more out of it.

I personally only consult people during that time! Please remember that before making a booking! Send me Your birth data (date, place and most importantly time!) at first contact if possible!

Are You curious about Your year ahead? Would You like to know timelines for more intense periods and some potential dates for starting a new relationship?

Or are You mostly interested in Your soul growth and what areas to focus on?

In this personal yearly review, I will give You my best advice and predictions on how to plan Your year ahead and when You can expect more growth (as well as more difficult periods).

If this sounds intriguing to You then the yearly personal review is a must-have to be able to plan Your year as successfully as possible!

I will use techniques like Profections, Solar Return, Solar Arc, transits, as well as others to paint a clear picture for the year ahead for You.

NB! Birth date, birth time, and birth place required! You can also record the meeting on Your own device.


1 review for Personal review of the year ahead (via Zoom) 2,5 hours

  1. 5 out of 5


    Ian is my favourite astrologer!
    Ian is the best astrologer I know as he is very focused and giving his best to every client. I have had a few readings with him and every time I got way more than I expected. He is very good at looking the bigger picture and sees what career paths are good for you, what are your difficulties in life. Also very good in specific details. Once we looked together how my job interview went and do I get the job and so on..even then the results were amazing.
    So I recommend him with very different themes and questions. Ian gives every time 200% of 100% and is also very emphatic, supports and shares if is needed his own personal stories. Can’t wait already next session. Ok and he have quite good sense of humor as well so you don’t have to be tooo seriouuus. Hah x

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