Personal Astrologer and Spiritual Therapist for 6 months


During some periods in Your life You need more support and guidance. Patterns and painful experiences from our psyches emerge that need our attention. Sometimes going at it alone doesn’t suffice.

Be it a challenging time in career, relationship, or internally, I will help You through it using astrology, therapy, and my own personal Freedom Process.

We will meet once a month (for six months) in an hour long Zoom call where You can bring whatever it is that needs attention. During our time together, I will also hold You accountable for the exercises I give to You during our calls, as well as guide You through emotional and psychological processes.

Before our first meeting, You will receive a shorter (about 2-4 pages, depending on Your situation) written PDF report about Your natal chart and what You are currently going through.

After the purchase, I will contact You via e-mail and we will set up a time suitable for both of us.

NB! If possible fill in the form with Your birthplace, date and time! Contact via email for payment plan options!


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