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The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group that I created on Facebook.

In this weekly review, I will look at my own investment journey and inside work with money during the past two weeks.

Building this group and putting my work, writing out there has definitely brought up some inner turmoil.

“It’s too weird! Investing and astrology, are You insane? People will think You are crazy!”


I’ve had to deal with this.

So far, nobody has told me that I’m crazy.

And even if they would have, would it actually change a thing?

Probably not. I’m mostly, almost always open to constructive criticism, when it’s actually constructive.

Calling someone crazy because You don’t understand something is not constructive.

So, this is more of a mind fuck than anything else.

Also, the fact that as humans we instinctively want to belong to a tribe and when You are demonized or ostracized from the collective, it brings up the fear for survival.

I’ve definitely felt that almost every time I put out some piece of work that is “different” or challenges the status quo.

Especially talking about astrology and money in the same sentence. Or investing.

So, with doing this work I’ve actually had to look at my fear of death and the perceived losing of love.

Interesting turn of events indeed.

I wouldn’t have guessed that I’d be doing some intense inner work while talking about investments and astrology.

What to do about these things?

Well, the best piece of advice (but harder to actually do it) is to let Yourself burn in these fears. Allow Yourself to feel all of it, experience it and then continue onwards.

What about the money part?

If You watched the astrology video last week, You might have seen/heard that I talked about Jupiter moving into Sagittarius.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, of good things.

And usually when a planet changes signs it brings more material results approximately 2 weeks before the actual shift, and 2 weeks after it.

I’ve made a very conscious effort to take more risks during this period of time. In large part, they have proven to be lucrative.

But the thing with Jupiter is, it can also bring more wishful thinking, taking more risk than necessary. Wanting excess of everything and being overly optimistic.

So, the downside of this period is taking too much risk and hoping too much.

I actually did it. Luckily it was with a very small amount of money. Where the risk and reward ratio was somewhat good. And I lost a little money. That happens.

The point I’m making here is there are always two sides to a coin, or even more.

We have to approach things from a balanced place of being. Especially with money.

Another thing that was on my mind during the actual move or investment decision, it was a relatively small amount of money. And I could afford to lose it.

Risking very little in order to win big.

This time it didn’t pan out the way I would have liked it. And that’s okay.

If we want to be investors or want to live in a capitalistic society, we have to learn to take risks. Where we can afford them. A very important thing to understand. Especially under the strong influence of Jupiter.

Ian Altosaar

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