What if God speaks through You
And it’s You?
What if everything is God speaking through You?
But what happens when You don’t listen?

What if it happens when You are alone?
In Your room?
When the darkness pulls down it’s curtain?
What if the silence is what You actually desire and crave?

What if You can see through the bullshit of others?
But not of Yourself?
The choices You have to make then
Become increasingly harder

Not to say that I am a martyr
But for starters
A person who one might consider emotionally gifted
Sensitivity that can be viewed as a gift and a curse

What’s the use?
You might ask
An uphill task this life
But somebody has got to do it, right?

So I wear a mask
I can’t remember who I’ve become
Who’s reflection follows me from afar?
A new age identity torn apart

Ian Altosaar

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