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Having trouble sleeping?

No matter what You do, can’t fall asleep?

Woken up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep?

Each sign has their own specific ways of sleeping, as well as challenges they face during sleep time.

I’m creating a product specifically designed for Your personal needs that will help You sleep better. And in addition, offer practical solutions to deal with personalized problems You might be facing.

But I also need Your help with it.

I’m looking for 20-40 people (if I get more, even better, the more I get the merrier) to be a part of this case study in astrology and sleep patterns.

What You will get:

1. A free e-book (or books, I will divide the AC, Sun, and Moon into different sections) designed for Your sign and how it prefers to sleep

2. No astrological mumbo jumbo = just straight to the point action steps that You can take to sleep better!

3. Ascendant, Sun and Moon included

4. Action steps in the book to take if You are having troubles sleeping

5. A 50% discount when the full product is ready

What I will need from You:

1. Your birth data: place, date, time

2. A willingness to participate in the study and acting on the guidelines I will give You!

3. A written agreement (via e-mail) that You are a willing participant in the study. (Copy paste this message and send to [email protected] with the message “I agree to this” and add Your birth data as well).

4. 30 days of testing the product out and giving me feedback in the end. In free flow write an email to me about what worked, what didn’t work. How did You feel? What changes did You have, if any? How much did You use the actual action steps etc.?

You will receive Your instructions within 2 months (approximately) via email.

More freedom awaits!

Ian Altosaar

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