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One of the paths to freedom in this reality or human society is giving up trying to be somebody.

Or to even be more exact, trying to be someone or something You are actually not.

Tremendous weight is put on our shoulders from the minute we are born.

Be this, do that, learn this, act like them.

Which in moderation can be good, it can give a human being a solid foundation for life.

But what happens when something is expected of a person which they themselves have no intention of doing or being?

An energetic push and pull happen. And that person gets really tired. Mostly because they are going through life living someone else’s.

Imagine the strain and pain of living someone else’s life. Imagine doing something every day that someone else wants You to do.

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

So how to let go of trying to be someone You are not?

Looking in the mirror is a good start.

Taking time off from others is my personal favorite.

And then honestly assessing, is this really what I want?

Am I doing the things that I’m yearning for? Are the things that I’m yearning for even my desires, wants or needs?

This will shake the floor under Your feet, it is uncomfortable.

But being uncomfortable for a short period of time is much better than living someone else’s life for a lifetime.

Not because it’s good or bad but because You get really tired as a person.

Very simple.

If You want to be tired, live someone else’s life. If You want to have more energy, do more of the things You are aligned with.

There are plenty of those out there as well.

Ian Altosaar

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