Saturn, The Planet of Karma, Transiting The 4th House

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When the planet of Karma, time, slow and gradual progress Saturn is transiting Your 4th house, You are asked to become the master of Your inner, emotional world (4th house matters).

If there is pain, then You are asked to become intimate with Your pain. And the way Saturn does it, not overnight but gradually, every day grinding away towards Your emotional happiness.

That is its ultimate inner goal. To have You thinking about Your inner emotional state. What do You need emotionally to truly feel happy and fulfilled?

If You have had a more difficult childhood (4th house is childhood environment), Saturn will be relentless. It will put so much pressure on You emotionally, You have no other choice but to surrender and ask for help. Or at the very least start digging deeply what is going on inside You. It will create outside pressure so large, You will have no other choice but to start the work. The grind towards emotional mastery.

Saturn wants You to work at it. Nothing comes easy with this energy.

Joy is very hard to feel with this transit. You will see it, know that it’s there but You will be in no shape or form to enjoy it. It’s more like “What’s the point? There’s going to be more shit anyway.” inside You.

Also, emotional blockages, inability to experience and feel Your emotions are quite common. You kind of know that there is something wrong or blocking Your emotional happiness but You can’t figure it out. That’s because Saturn wants You to work at it, get Your hands dirty in the trenches of Your inner life.

To turn the stones (Saturn) yet unturned, to climb the mountains (Saturn) yet unconquered.

Figuratively of course, inwardly those mountains have to be climbed.

Seeking out support during this time is quite beneficial. Therapists who You trust are a must. Really exploring Your emotional life in some shape or form is necessary. Although with Saturn it is better if You use more tried and true (Saturn energy) methods, the traditional route is good.

The thing with Saturn is that if You put in the effort, You will start seeing the results. Slowly, very slowly.

Other areas this can affect You. Home, real estate, property, mother, country of origin, roots (where You are from), land, family wounding, sense of safety.

So, during this transit, You can find Yourself doing long-lasting renovations at home. Or taking them on at Your mother’s place. Take Your time with these as well, it will take some time but if You do it properly, the results will be worth Your while.

Or You might decide to invest in property, land and will have to work harder in those areas. Real estate. You might decide to buy an old property and start renovating it. But with Saturn there, You can expect more efforts, duties, and responsibilities in those areas. It will need double the efforts for a long period of time.

On a deeper level, You might be discovering (with hard work) deep family patterns hidden within Your consciousness. Lineage work can do wonders here.

The best approach here is to do something every day. Saturn is constant efforts and slowly every day. Building and gathering mastery in whichever area Saturn is transiting.

Take Your time with Saturn and don’t take shortcuts. Saturn will punish You. Not because it’s bad or anything, just because taking shortcuts will lead You to do a crappy job. And Saturn will come to bite Your ass!

Ian Altosaar

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