Humans And Creation

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The world and our society can be pretty much how we want it to be.

This is a generalization to illustrate a point.

When people think about creating something, or subconsciously yearn for that, then that is what is created in the material and physical world.

That is basically it.

If we think about sex all the time, then the sex industry will benefit from it.

If we think about and yearn for money and fame, then that is created into the world. By celebrities, by material wealth accumulation in someway, financial markets etc.

If we think about power over others or feel powerless to others, then we will create hierarchies, structures that have a top to bottom way of doing things.

If we think about being connected to each other, understanding that each human being is somehow connected to us, then we will create a more cohesive and equal system to live in.

But only if we heal or stop thinking about power and feeling powerless so much. If we continue to do that at the same time when thinking about equal rights, then we will create a weird mixture of the two.

We might exist differently physically but those power dynamics will resurface with us saying that we want equal rights. But in all actuality, we want to control and manipulate others, in order to not get hurt and having to feel the pain of that hurt. This happens a lot in bigger groups of people. Social change activists, work-place, etc.

If we want to create something different then we must first change our inner being to yearn for something else. If that part starts yearning for other things, then the changes will gradually start.

On the physical plane this takes much longer than we would like.

Sometimes years, sometimes more.

This is an important understanding to have to alleviate Your own suffering when “it does not happen as quickly as You would like to”.

You also have to understand that there are approximately 8 billion people on the planet. Who have their own desires and beliefs and wants about things.

This will immediately create friction and definitely some suffering with it.

Growth will happen both naturally and unnaturally. Meaning by force and on it’s own.

The important thing for an individual is to understand that these things take time and what we desire gets created into the physical.

And all the others who are here on this planet at the same time, will consciously or subconsciously feel what some are desiring to create. And they are creating their stories at the same time.

If that power gets more into sync, then things change faster.

This is not for people to start changing others. This is not possible.

This for human beings to understand how creation works on a material plane.

How to stay sane in this madness?

You have to get really clear on what You actually want, what You actually and truthfully desire, and then go for it. While sharing Your wisdom and knowledge on the way.

That is basically it. No more, no less.

This might sound easy but it is not.

Because what You think You want is not always what You actually want.

Things can get messy, You have to learn and evolve along the way. Change some things, continue with other things.

This is how life works.

Once Your energy gets stronger, You are able to influence and help others with that energy. So that they can find clarity in all of this.

We have to also remember the Cosmos around us.

This affects us as well. Different energies in different realms.

The age of Aquarius is upon us and it will have and influence on Your desires and wants regardless. A yearning for equality, humanitarian goals, the growth of technology, science, astrology. Humans will start to understand that we are all part of a bigger picture, each individual is connected to the group in some way. Humans will need to balance the mind and the body. As well as understand that technology has a place within the society but it should not be put into our bodies. A difficult challenge with the Aquarius energy. All of these themes will start influencing us and are already influencing us.

This is what we were meant to experience here. To live in symbiosis with ourselves and the planets.

Now is a matter of allowing that and doing the work necessary to start allowing that. As well as rebuilding our society in a physical way. These are all necessary and will come in time. In accordance with our thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Ian Altosaar

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