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The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group that I created on Facebook.

Today is Investing Tuesday’s in the Mystical Money Machine group.

I will continue briefly dissecting different asset classes. And then I will illustrate how an individual’s natal chart can help us decide where to invest.

You can read the first part of this article here.

Now we will briefly look at two more standard assets. Or in other words, old-school asset classes.

First, property or real estate.

Almost everyone dreams of owning their own home but is it really an investment?

In most cases not. When You live in the property You have invested in it does not produce gains. On the contrary, You actually have to maintain it and that takes money out of Your pocket.

But if You decide to rent it, then it’s a different ball game altogether.

Now people are paying You each month or week for that property. It’s producing gains, cash flow for Your business.

There’s an argument to be made for owning a home as well, that it’s still an asset. Although in my opinion, it’s very important how You use it in that case.

For example, if You invest in a new property, Your home and You are running a business from it. Then in my view, this becomes more of an asset from an investing viewpoint as well.

Let’s say that You own a farm with land and many livable houses on that land. Now You start a business that organizes workshops on the weekends or something. This is the moment it turns into an asset or an investment. It’s bringing in money, it’s producing cash flow.

But in this case, You have to keep in mind the running costs as with every investment. What this means is that if You invested in an apartment in 2015, bought it for 60000€. Then sold it 3 years later for 70000€. It doesn’t mean You made a profit of 10000€ on Your investment. You add the running costs of maintaining that home, repairs, furniture, remodeling etc. And You might find that You only made a profit of 5000€.

Pro’s of property:

A relatively stable asset. In the long run.

You can provide housing for people when You invest in it. Doing something positive in the world.

If You are in the business of investing in old houses and restoring them, that’s a positive service in the world as well.

As of now, people still need homes to live in. And mostly want them. So there’s a good chance that the housing market will be there in 30 years. This argument adds to the stability factor. But times are changing…

Has the potential to be a relatively passive source of income.

Con’s of property:

Relatively slow gains. It takes time to build a house or houses. So You have to be patient with Your money. For example, the average real estate cycle lasts about 16years.(…/How-Long-Does…) While in crypto for about 2 years.

A lot of maintenance required. If You decide to go down the buy then rent route, You have to understand that that’s only the first expense. The buying. Land tax, repairs, utilities (when You don’t have a person to rent it to). Obviously, You can sort that out through a service provider but You have to take their costs into account as well when doing the initial planning.

When not maintained correctly can depreciate in value quickly.

Now let’stake a look at another old school asset class, commodities.

Hard and soft commodities. Soft commodities are goods that are grown, such as wheat, or rice. Hard commodities are mined. Examples include gold, helium, and oil. Energy commodities include electricity, gas, coal, and oil.

I’m personally looking into this asset class because of my 2nd house. But more on that later.

Pro’s of commodities:

People need them to survive on this planet. That makes them valuable.

Been on the market for a long time.

Have real use in the real world.

Usually are scarce, that means their value will appreciate in time. Mostly.

Con’s of commodities:

Don’t produce any actual cash flow for the investor.
Volatile compared to stocks and bonds.

Have to store them somewhere. And if You don’t do that Yourself, have to pay someone to do it. Or invest in mutual funds that invest in stocks of companies that are involved in commodity-related industries. Or futures contracts, or ETFs etc. Many ways of doing this. (As I’m currently doing more research on this topic, I will share my gained knowledge of commodities trading and investing in the future more thoroughly.)

If You want to do more research on Your own then here’s a good link for You to do it:…/commodities-trading-overview/

Now that we know all this, how does astrology play into it?

I’ve mentioned the 2nd house in a native’s birth chart a couple of times but what exactly does this have to do with investing?

2nd house in astrology is Your money, it is what You invest in. When we want to determine where to invest our hard earned money, we go to the 2nd house first.

Then we look at the sign it’s in. Let’s say it’s in Scorpio.

Now we have to know what the sign of Scorpio rules or represents in the real world.

Among other things it rules things related to IT, deep research, things hidden or under the surface, something that is underground (for example commodities), crisis, mining.

After this, we already have a pretty good idea what areas to put our money into. Or at the very least, we can start observing these things in the real world and then finding investment opportunities related to the sign of Scorpio.

When we have done this, we have to look at the ruler of the sign of Scorpio, what sign it is in and if it is well aspected by other planets. Or if there are any planets in the 2nd house as well. Usually, the planet overpowers the sign. Although in my experience the sign still has influence even if there are planets in it.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say there are no planets in the sign of Scorpio and the ruler planet (or one of the ruler’s, there are still many schools of thought on this, which planet is the ruler of Scorpio. I credit both Pluto and Mars with the rulership, Scorpio has the qualities of both of those planets) Mars is well aspected by the planet Jupiter. And is in the sign of Aries (in it’s own sign).

Now we just combine the meaning of them all.

Scorpio =IT matters, deep research, things under the surface, mining, Mars = machines, building things, Jupiter = luck, stock markets, places where You need luck.

What would be a good place to invest for example? Or even two good places?

The answer, cryptocurrency mining (IT things + mining = Scorpio) and trading them on the markets (Jupiter). As well as commodities like gold, silver, oil = Scorpio(anything under the surface of the earth).

It is important to find the most positive placement related to the 2nd house and move towards that. With difficult aspects, it will be harder to have success in it but still possible.

In this case, I have to mention an important thing. Especially with the sign of Scorpio.

Above I mention that Scorpio rules crisis. It also represents big transformations, big ups and downs, death, and rebirth.

I think nobody wants to experience those things all the time, especially with money. So, in order for us to channel the negative energy of Scorpio, we have to put some of that energy into the positive places that Scorpio rules. For example, in this case, cryptocurrency mining and commodities, gold, silver etc.

This is just an example, how we can find places to invest in that are more natural to our being. That honor the energy and sometimes even channel some of the negative energy associated with that energy into a more positive place.

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Ian Altosaar

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