A story of unpopular decisions + astrology for 2022, 2023

The Bull market It was 2021, autumn. Early autumn. Everyone was going crazy. Higher valuations, higher prices. “Buy now or regret it later!” “Your chance of generational wealth is now. If You miss it, You will be poor forever!” “Crypto is only going up! Price target 1000000!” Similar. I was looking at the astrology coming in … Read more

Afraid to ask money for Your spiritual gifts? Horror stories from real life part 2

Afraid to ask money for Your spiritual gifts? Finding justifications in Your head along the lines of “This is for the highest good” or “I’m a servant of the light”? If yes then watch this video and let me shatter some of Your beliefs with a dose of freedom. Ian Altosaar Link to purchase a … Read more

The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius 2020. And What Will it Bring For 2021 and Beyond…

Image by Neha Rustagi from Pixabay The year 2021 actually starts within 2020, with the conjunction of the two giants in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct in the sign of Aquarius on the 21st of December, 2020. The most intriguing part of this meeting is the sign they are meeting in, Aquarius. Every twenty years … Read more

VENUS Retrograde And BITCOIN Price Action

Photo by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash In this article, I will take a look at previous Venus retrograde periods and how they have influenced XBT/EUR price action. Or BTC/EUR. Or Bitcoin and the Euro. If You want to know the meaning of retrograde periods from the perspective of Mercury retrograde then check out my videos … Read more

Rookie Mistake — Mystical Money Machine

Photo by Krissia Cruz on Unsplash I struggled with this week’s review. It’s been a little repetitive for my personal taste lately. So, I wanted to spice things up a little. But that’s not always necessary. Sometimes we are meant to do the same things over and over again.Like this last week for example. I was very close … Read more

Money Management for Muggles

Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas on Unsplash Yesterday I sat down with Mr. Carl Munson again, it’s becoming a habit. And a good one at that. This time we talked about 3 keys to better money management and what it’s actually about on a deeper level. This episode is called „Money Management for Muggles. “ Enjoy! The second … Read more

Astrology Wednesday

Yesterday I sat down with Mr. Carl Munson for his New Stories podcast. We spent about 30 minutes talking why money and astrology, why would anyone combine the two and how we can benefit from it. We also touched upon the fact that nothing can actually be the silver bullet for us (not even astrology), … Read more

Investments Tuesday – Probability

Image source: Photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash It’s Investments Tuesday in the Mystical Money Machine Group. This week’s topic is probability and what it means in the context of making financial decisions. When investing Your hard-earned money. Each time we make an investment decision (or a decision in our lives in general) it has the probability to … Read more

Mystical Money Machine Radio

I took a break during the holidays from basically everything. Returning now to the recording booth with the first installment of the Mystical Money Machine Radio. In this first episode, I talk about what the Mystical Money Machine actually is, how You can join the group and what it means to be a contrarian. I … Read more

Investing Tuesday’s In The Mystical Money Machine Group

The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group that I created on Facebook. Today is Investing Tuesday’s in the Mystical Money Machine group. I will continue briefly dissecting different asset classes. And then I will illustrate how an individual’s natal chart can help us decide where to invest. You can read the … Read more