Mystical Money Machine – How to Receive Money?

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The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group I created on Facebook.

It’s Monday so that means it is weekly review time in the Mystical Money Machine group.

Last time I shared a story about losing money because I just had lost money on one of my investments during that week.

This week it’s the opposite. I made money instead.

Obviously, this feels much better but it’s still important to recognize what is happening with us, even during the good times.

First, it is very important to receive better times. To acknowledge that they are here.

This is for the trickster mind and to reprogram it. Especially if You have some negative thought patterns in there.

Actively noticing and receiving the good times will reprogram the more negative mindsets.

Basically, it will show Your brain that there are good times in Your life as well.

This is what I did. I acknowledged them and after that being grateful becomes much easier.

Why is it even important to be grateful?

It increases Your overall well-being. Or in other words, You will feel better.

I’m always very grateful when I make money (or in other areas as well). It’s just good practice to do that.

If You have ever been in darkness or have suffered losses in Your life (lost money for example, or lost money on investments), then You know that nothing is for granted, nobody owes You anything and everything can be taken from You in the blink of an eye.

These types of experiences create humility, character and the ability to appreciate the things that You have in life. Money is just one area where we can practice it.

So next time You receive some money or make a good investment that produces You returns, make sure You take the time to receive it and then be grateful for it.

Ian Altosaar

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