Needing someone or something

Photo by Daniel Gorozpe on Unsplash

Needing someone or something is an illusion developed by Your mind because You are addicted to that feeling how that “specific someone” or “special thing” made You feel.

In essence, You are desiring to feel something or something similar that person made You feel.

You are using that feeling as the cocaine it really is. Because it feels good it’s easier to get addicted to it.

The rush of making money, the climax of orgasm, the sense of belonging You have experienced with someone, falling in love, food, winning, success. All of these are so desired because they make You feel good.

Craving for it, experiencing withdrawals from it, can’t sleep without it, needing it…

You don’t need the need for it or for them. You need Yourself. Fill in the blank space within.

You don’t need to need something, You need to feel Yourself.

Ian Altosaar

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