Becoming an Adult in a Child Parent Relationship Dynamic – From Child to Grown-Up

There comes a time when You mature and become independent enough that You are ready to step out of the child/parent dynamic.

It usually starts happening sooner but when You are financially and materially independent, You have the capacity now to grow up and become an adult within that relationship.

The relationship changes from child/parent to adult/adult dynamic.

These transformations are never easy (only if both parties are aware of this happening, the Shift can be easier) and usually the parent side is experiencing fear because they haven’t yet learned to love themselves enough. Or think they can’t take care of them etc. These fears can be different but usually associated either with love or survival.

If a parent realizes this, their need to control the child, it puts a strain on to the relationship = tensions rise, and arguments usually follow. If a parent can release this energy and need to control = the child must take responsibility and step into their mature self (must become independent materially, financially, emotionally, spiritually).

Only if both parties are willing to transform the relationship together or within themselves = the relationship can grow naturally, and there is less strain on the relationship.

In other cases, for example where only one side is good on their end of the bargain, the relationship becomes strained = a lot of power dynamics, boundary setting etc. needs to happen. It can also take one side away from the other. Usually, this is the child who is now an adult who decides to create space within the relationship. (Move abroad, move away, be less in contact, etc.)

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