Not Being Heard or SATURN In The 3rd House

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Within us, there’s this place.

This place usually comes from childhood.

It’s often empty.

Something missing.

Very often this is the place where we were not seen.

A painful place.

Now, sometimes this place carries with us into adulthood.

And sometimes even into business, or everywhere for that matter.

That place holds a belief with it.

The belief is “They should care about what I do and what I have to say.”

Most often because we were not heard in childhood properly.

This is where Saturn comes in.

Saturn is the planet of karma, blockages, and restrictions.

When it is in the 3rd house natally, it could mean that in Your childhood home or experience, You were not listened to. Or even worse, Your opinions didn’t matter or they were even put down and ridiculed. (The 3rd house in Your natal chart represents how You communicate, speak, write, etc. And Saturn here plays the part of the blockage or an older person who restricted Your communication in some way.)

That’s understandable and painful.

But does this belief serve us in adulthood?

In business and in relationships?

Most often not. Because in our selfishness we expect everyone to hear us, appreciate us, and give a damn about us.

If You have ever been in the “real world” You probably know that it’s not the case.

Most don’t give a crap about what You do, what You have to say, even if You have a valid point.

Now imagine going into that world with the belief “They should care about what I have to say.”

Painful experience.

Because in each moment we get shown otherwise.

Which most likely will mean that we will suffer. And every time this will then again twist the knife in Your early childhood wound. Bringing up the same pain You experienced as a kid. Sometimes by others not letting You speak, or cutting You off at inappropriate times.

Now it’s decision time. You and I get to decide, shall we hang on to the belief or not?

Shall we suffer or face reality?

Meaning, the fact that no one on this planet “should” actually care about what You have to say, what You do or who You are.

This is the cold, hard truth of it all.

But if You have to say something, You should still say it.

But remember, the expectation of others giving a crap about it, is what is between Your suffering and Your freedom.

In addition to this, it is very important for the individual to realize that what they have to say is often very valuable. This requires patience and usually very conscious humans that are able to listen to You.

But deep down this is about Your belief “I’m not listened to.” (Or something similar.) And that turning into “Others should always care what I have to say!”

The golden path lies somewhere in the middle. The truth of the matter is, You have valuable things to say and communicate with others. And it is not okay for them to interrupt You.

Unfortunately, the wound and reoccurring pain from the wound can make the individual think that they should be listened to all the time. And when they are not, suffering happens. Pain happens.

To summarize, a healthy dosage of understanding that You have valuable things to communicate to the world is needed. As well as understanding that not everyone will give a crap all the time. Will save the native much suffering.

I hope this short piece gave You and understanding of what it might mean when having Saturn in Your 3rd house natally.

Ian Altosaar

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