Thinking That You Are BETTER Than OTHER People

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The illusion of thinking that we are better than someone else is rampant everywhere.

In western society, it usually starts really early on.

We are competing with people starting from kindergarten. Maybe earlier if You have siblings.

I’m not putting down competition. Competition is important and serves a purpose in human society. It belongs in the sports arena where people can learn losing, winning, determination, perseverance, grit, building mental and physical fitness, etc.

It doesn’t belong everywhere.

It doesn’t belong in our minds.

Because the judgment of thinking that You are better than others will bring You only momentary relief.

And in the next moment, the very same belief will bring You suffering. When You are worse than the others. And I assure You, it will happen sooner than later when You will experience this.

To understand this phenomenon that is plaguing our minds and our society, we must look at it more closely.

Where does it even come from? Where does the energy of judgment come from?

This is a mental construct. Plain and simple. Meaning, thinking that there exists something that is better or worse is of our own doing.

We, ourselves have developed this way of thinking.

Also, we need to understand where this thought pattern originates.

Or in other words, why do we need to think this way?

Because deep down we feel not good enough. We feel a lack within our being. And instead of dealing with this it is much easier to judge others.

One really prevalent example from our everyday life is work and career. The equation in our minds is as follows:

I have learned a lot, went to university + got a job or built a business = I’m better than those who didn’t. I have more worth than “those others”.

Or another one:

I have spent a lot of time getting to know myself, learned a lot + got really good at it and came to many understandings that led to personal freedom = I’m better than those who haven’t. I’m more “smarter” than “those others”.

In my own life, this has caused much suffering. I’ve come to the place of understanding this more deeply through my failures with the subject.

It is quite simple.

If You choose to judge other people being worse than Yourself, or You being better than Yourself, You will experience the opposite of this energy very soon.

Meaning You will find out that You are not so amazing because there is always someone who is better than You.

If You decide to play this game, make peace with the fact that then You will have to feel worse than someone really quickly.

Or don’t play it and start noticing Your judgments about other people. This will lead to discovery and freedom from the bondage of Your own mind.

Ian Altosaar

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