True Masculinity – A Place Where Your Inner Pussy And Inner Tough Guy Meet

Image source: I feel inspired to write about this. True masculinity. What this means to me. I want to do it for all the men and women who are shamed in our society today but first and foremost I am doing it for Myself. As I’ve been immersed in this New Age spiritual culture … Read more


Image source: Take small steps baby Just like that Then one day maybe Just maybe You’ll be where You want to be I have no guarantees for You Just My support I will cheer You on And on As steps become leaps And You will reap The gold Reward Of life When it’s ripe … Read more


Image source: You wanted me to crumble but I’m still standing You wanted to destroy me but I’m going strong, okay sometimes not so strong But I’m still here Head on my shoulders (Haah) After You had me by the guillotine And I did tumble You knew where to cut me The same wounds … Read more

The Meaning Of True Power

Image source: The way we understand true power is misguided at best So with conviction and love I will give You the rest True power is telling the truth when You are afraid of the consequences It’s getting back up and loving someone after losing the one You held dearest It’s getting cheated on … Read more


Image source: Fuck You for not wanting to be with me Fuck me for being an asshole Fuck Is this all You got? Of course not Fuck You have more Suck me back into Fuck Are You sure? I’m actually done writing about this Fuck I want to be done writing about this I’m … Read more

A Loving Tsunami

Image source: Uncomfortable moments feel more comfortable if You remember to feel them Feels powerful Feels super powerful Where everybody else lowers their head, You keep Yours up Let life penetrate You Let it wash over You Let it smile at You Embrace You You become childhood friends again holding hands and giggling It’s … Read more

A Society Of Void Fillers

Image source: A void What’s in it? Nothing and everything What’s so scary about it? Everything and nothing You might discover who You truly are Or You might lose Yourself completely Some might argue that’s the same thing Let them argue As You step in Within Hold up Your chin That’s too much pressure … Read more


Image source: For real, just be with me Just cut all the crap, all the fucking learned patterns of dominating and power dynamics And just sit with me Just look into My eyes as I gaze into Yours What do You see? What do You feel? There’s a broken man Broken by life and … Read more


Image source:×3168%5D-viva-emptiness-stul-cherno-2 Can’t You see how empty this is? So insufferably empty Hollow When I look at You there’s only desertedness You laugh There’s nothing You speak And the shallowness of Your being oozes right through me And I’m sad Part of me wants You to be different It’s not fair I do care … Read more


Image source: Universe? I see no reason to speak now No I want to be I want to look at You I want to feel You Words just fill the void But the void needs no filling Cause it’s already full Can You see the irony? Delicate paradox of this We are trying to fill … Read more