Relationship Assessment: Comprehensive Report for Couples


You will receive a written report assessing a relationship that You pick. I will need the place, date, and time of the birth of Yours and Your partner’s. NB! The report cannot work without accurate birth data! Please be aware of this before ordering!

I will focus on:

  • What do You both need in the relationship?
  • Important areas to focus on, problems, and bumps in the road to keep in mind
  • Things You can both do to create a more pleasant relationship
  • Areas You need to work on
  • Moon flow
  • Purpose of the relationship and potential pitfalls there
  • How You will be tested as a couple?
  • The soul purpose of the relationship

Order will be sent to You by e-mail and You can download the written report as a PDF. You will receive the order within two weeks of the moment I receive the birth data of both parties involved in the reading.

NB! If possible fill in the form with Your birthplace, date, and time! As well as Your love interest or marriage partner!


Discover the Depths of Your Relationship: Comprehensive Assessment for Couples

Are you ready to dive deeper into your relationship and uncover insights you’ve never known before? Unlock the secret dynamics of your bond with our Relationship Assessment, a written report that uncovers the intricate elements shaping your relationship. But remember, accuracy is paramount; without precise birth data, this report cannot take shape. So ensure you have the correct birthplace, date, and time for both yourself and your partner before placing an order.

With our assessment, we go beyond the surface, exploring the key aspects that bind you and your partner. Our relationship analysis report answers the all-important question – what do you both need from the relationship? It brings to light critical areas you need to focus on, highlights potential problems, and provides tips to navigate through any rough patches that may arise.

This comprehensive report also guides you on the actions both you and your partner can undertake to cultivate a healthier, more enjoyable relationship. It pinpoints areas that require more work and dedication, and how you can align with each other’s ‘Moon Flow’ – a unique aspect that can help harmonize your emotions and intuitions in the relationship.

Your Relationship Assessment dives into the very purpose of your connection. It explores potential pitfalls and examines the tests your relationship will encounter, all with the aim of fortifying your bond and promoting understanding. Most importantly, it uncovers the ‘soul purpose’ of your relationship – the deep-seated reason that brought you together, acting as a guiding light in your journey as a couple.

Your report will be delivered to you via email within two weeks of receiving the birth data for both parties. You can conveniently download the written report in a PDF format, enabling you to revisit the insights and advice at any time.

Please note: To ensure the accuracy of the report, we ask that you fill out the form with your birthplace, date, and time, as well as those of your partner. Whether it’s your current love interest or spouse, this assessment can reveal valuable insights and strengthen your bond. You can also send the data after the purchase via email.

Order our Relationship Assessment today. Let the stars guide you as you delve into your relationship, learn more about each other, and enrich your shared journey.


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