Purpose In Action Day 5

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Sometimes we need some help. Yet we are so afraid to ask for it. I was as well. So I suffered.

That’s okay. Suffering teaches us new things. It opens us up to new experiences as well. Just too much of suffering can do harm. So we need to find our way back to a more open experience of life. Where energy moves and expansion happens.

I asked for help. I asked for help from my friend David. It wasn’t hard anymore because I was stuck and I wanted to get out of feeling stuck. I wanted to live again. Breathe from the fountain of the Universe itself.

Okay, that’s too spiritual for even me. I’m pretty spiritual usually. As spiritual as they get.

But enough of the sarcastic monologue. Back to the point.

Asking for help. I did it and now I’m again wondering, what took me so long? It was the same the last time I decided to ask for help. Life repeats itself sometimes. Until we learn the lesson. I might be in a similar place in the future. What a conundrum this life really is!

The really simple truth is that we are actually meant to help each other. Guide one another. One person knows more about business and the other one more about relationships. That’s where growth and expansion are possible. For both or all parties involved.

So if You are feeling stuck at a job, work engagement You don’t particularly enjoy. Or You just might desire something more out of it. A deeper yearning within Your bones calling for You, nagging at Your soul. Then take a look at this video and after that sign up for a 15-minute free assessment call with my buddy David. He will serve You like no other. I’m experiencing this first hand.

Link for the course: http://ethicalorganiser.org/tribal-hq-courses/


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t-_JO-PRP8&w=560&h=315]


Ian Altosaar

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