Running race through the eyes of Aries and Virgo…

While Virgos are still figuring out how to best tie their shoelaces for the race (and going through the manual “How to run races?”), Aries has already finished and won.

But Virgo still finishes the race, with extremely well tied shoelaces, perfect shoelaces, and perfect tempo, perfect posture, not sweating or anything.

While Aries is there, all muddy, laughing, bruises, cuts all over, and a big grin on their faces.

How the two cross the finish line?

Virgo crosses the finish line and complains to the referee that the stopwatch wasn’t stopped exactly on the right moment, and they would like their time to be revised and audited = by themselves. When they review it, they immediately understand that they are right, and now it’s time to file a formal complaint to the competition board.

Aries doesn’t care about the time = they are the first, the number one. The only time they care about is the world record, and that it’s theirs. Their name must be on that world record!

Stepping up to the podium

Aries carelessly is jumping up and down, waving to the crowd, showing with their fingers that they are number 1, playfully jumps on top of the podium, and jumps up and down even more. While kissing the flower lady passionately.

Virgo, with their perfect outfit or training clothes, that have been washed three times, walks calmly (judging that Aries exuberance) to the podium, accepts the 3rd place price, (sanitizes their hands immediately after the flower lady has left), all the while in their heads analyzing why the dressing room was so dirty and who wasn’t doing their job properly.

End of the race interview

All cameras are on Aries, they are shamelessly boasting that they just won, are the number one, nobody can ever beat them, and throwing zingers to their competition. “Come get me bitches, I bet You can’t!” Drops mic and leaves the interview area walking out of there like they own the place.

A single camera is on Virgo, both the reporter and the 3rd place finisher are Virgos, and together they analyze every single detail of the race, including was there a mistake made with the meticulous shoelace tying. They both agree, one lace was too tight, and start to devise an intricate plan for the next race.

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