Sitting here

kalamaja randImage source: Kalamaja beach, taken couple of months back during sunset.

I’m just sitting here, pondering what to write about. I’m feeling almost okay today or more upbeat than usual. If You’re feeling a bit down then the creative juices start flowing and everything is more dramatic. Obviously it’s like that when You’re upbeat and motivated but today I’m in between. Somewhat motivated and somewhat disinterested. Staring out my corporate building window as the darkness devours the city I live in. I can feel it in the air. It’s Friday. There’s a notion of nervous energy almost always with Fridays. A party to go to, friends to meet, a blind date maybe or the return of a lover. I mostly want to sit in this moment, more of this being thing everybody keeps rambling about. There’s a certain longingness in myself as this calendar year becomes to an end. More calm than recent days. I feel I’m done writing for the moment.

Softly and gently,



Next week:

  • Finish projects You have started. Reclaim Your Inner Throne training homework, training calls, teleseminars etc.
  • Sports betting, attend live games, do one thing at a time. Be present when making decisions. Breathe the attention in Your body.
  •  Fill out Your daily diary.
  • Write down ideas, dreams, synchronicities, events etc.
  • Eat a vegetarian diet, plus eggs.
  • Meditate when You feel like it, take time for it.
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week.
  • Meet people in real life, do smth fun.
  • Continue with anal de-armouring.
  • Practice feeling Your feelings and being present with Yourself. Say Your thoughts out loud.
  • Sleep.
  • Draw or color smth.
  • Remember Your presence and take life as it is.
  • Daily brain training at

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