Communication in Relationships: Lessons from a Heated Argument

Communication in Relationships

Communication in relationships often takes a back seat when emotions run high, yet it’s the cornerstone of any lasting bond.   Join me as we navigate the rough waters of emotional discord, discovering together how sincere apologies and genuine understanding can not only mend but deepen our connections.   This story is a heartfelt reminder of the … Read more

Pluto Meaning in Astrology

Pluto Meaning in Astrology

Pluto meaning in Astrology is profoundly significant, emphasizing the transformative energy and deep symbolism of this celestial body. Grasping Pluto’s role in astrology is key to understanding its impactful influence on our lives and the world. This understanding encompasses exploring Pluto’s historical significance, astrological characteristics, symbolic meanings, and various planetary influences. Why trust me? I’m … Read more

Transiting North Node Conjunct Ascendant

Transiting North Node Conjunct Ascendant

Transiting North Node Conjunct Ascendant is an intriguing astrological aspect that offers deep insights into personal growth and life direction. This transit, a key component in the realm of astrology, sheds light on our individual journey and the unfolding events in our lives. Understanding this astrological phenomenon requires a foundational knowledge of astrology, particularly the … Read more

Mercury Conjunct MC in Synastry

Mercury Conjunct MC in Synastry

Mercury Conjunct MC in Synastry is a captivating concept in astrology that delves into the relationship dynamics between two individuals. It involves a meticulous comparison and analysis of their birth charts, focusing on how their planets align and interact. This particular aspect, Mercury Conjunct MC, offers valuable insights into their compatibility and the unique ways … Read more

Sun Conjunct Mercury in Synastry: The Energetic Combination of Minds and Wills

Sun Conjunct Mercury in Synastry

Have you ever wondered why some synastry connections seem to sparkle with an unspoken understanding, a shared mental wavelength that goes beyond mere words? Enter Sun Conjunct Mercury in Synastry. When your Sun connects with someone’s Mercury in the synastry chart, it often indicates a meeting of wills and minds. This is an energetic conjunction … Read more

Sun Sextile Mercury in Synastry: A Match Made in Communication Heaven!

Sun Sextile Mercury in Synastry

Sun sextile Mercury in Synastry at the beginning of a relationship often heralds a remarkable mental bond. Imagine encountering someone with whom your thoughts seamlessly align, where humor resonates in perfect harmony, and conversations unfold with such ease that hours pass by unnoticed. This incredible cerebral connection, marked by effortless exchanges and a deep understanding … Read more

Sun Square Mercury in Synastry: Intense, Challenging, yet Stimulating

Sun Square Mercury in Synastry

When You find Sun square Mercury in synastry, it often creates an exciting and complex dynamic between you and your partner. This aspect indicates natural tension and friction in how you communicate, think, and exchange ideas with each other. Though the relationship may not be effortless, this Sun-Mercury aspect brings an energizing quality that prevents … Read more

Am I Clairvoyant?

I see many people struggle with their Clair abilities. Clairvoyance is not different. I used to struggle a lot with it as well. Thought I was crazy, then when into the other extreme of “I can’t see anything.” Finally, I had to see one of my mentors to get confirmation of the question, “Am I … Read more

What Type of Psychic Am I?

What type of psychics are there? Once we have understood that we are experiencing psychic phenomena in our lives, it inevitably raises the question, which type of psychic am I? I already talked about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and even claircognizance in my previous blog post You can find it here. But are there even more … Read more