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About a year ago I learned more about the degrees of planets and degrees in general in astrology.

I knew my Ascendant was at the 18th degree but I had no idea of the significance of it or what does it even mean.

After that, I got introduced to the work of the famous Serbian astrologer Nikola Stojanovic and his theory of the degrees.

In it, he describes how the 18th degree is the worst possible degree in astrology. It has the energy of great illness and the worse people in the world have that degree very strongly somewhere in the horoscope. He even gives examples from the real world to illustrate how bad this degree really is.

It is worth a mention here that it is the degree of Virgo and Virgo does rule illness. Among other things.

That sent me into a deep abyss. I didn’t know what to make of it exactly.

I started researching it more in depth. Looking at house numbers, everywhere where the 18th degree was prevalent. Looking to prove to myself that it isn’t all bad.

I was having health problems at the time as well. So, for me this all made sense. It seemed true what the famous wizard from Serbia had written.

But I was just 29 years old at the time, meaning there was a good chance I had about 70 years left to spend on this planet. Give or take a couple of decades.

I had to find a way to live with this.

I started looking at other things related to the sign of Virgo, or the 18th degree. Finding positives, finding things to channel that energy into instead of illness and doing harm to the world.

Right about that time me and my partner had just adopted a cat somebody had forsaken. Virgo rules all pets and animals or people who are less fortunate than we are.

This already started channeling this difficult energy.

I was also going deeper with my astrology studies. Focusing on details. Details = Virgo.

I understood that I have to take better care of my health with this energy. The right therapists and tests started coming my way. I must emphasize that I actively pursued them and did research.

And now, about a year later, we adopted another cat who was left on the street.

Although the cat came into our lives suddenly, I knew this opportunity had to be taken. This is the energy I came into this life literally presenting itself to me.

Also, the higher manifestation of Virgo is being of service to something greater than ourselves. It is about taking care of those who are less fortunate than we are.

For me, this was the opportunity to put the energy of the 18th degree into very good use. Being of service to animals who are less fortunate.

It must be said that this energy is not very easy to deal with and it has its darker side. But finding ways to put it into good use in the world is a good start to learn to live with it.

Ian Altosaar


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