The Negative Side of the Sign of Scorpio. Or at Least One of Them.

Photo by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash

There are many positive sides and manifestations of the Scorpio energy. Like emotional power, transformation, deep research, deep seeing, intimacy, emotional awareness, sensitivity to surroundings, etc.

In this piece, I’m going to focus on one of the more negative sides of Scorpio in order to shed light on it and help people heal if they so desire.

This pattern usually manifests strongly in close personal relationships for the native who has a lot of Scorpionic energy in their birth chart. For example ascendant, Sun or Moon in Scorpio. Although it could also be prevalent in a person’s life even if they don’t have Scorpio ascendant, Sun or Moon.

The pattern itself is as follows.

When the Scorpio native feels empty inside or wants some attention from others/partner, they will start saying mean little things to trigger the other person. A sneaky comment here and there, all in good fun it seems at the beginning. But then it continues, the comments getting more hurtful, cutting deeper.

Because of their ability to see and remember deep things about the other (Scorpios are good listeners, deep listeners), it will escalate quickly. It can also manifest in acting out in some way, physically. Goof off or something similar. Sometimes this can go on for weeks before the partner snaps.

Once the goofing off does not help, or the physical acting out, they return to verbal, mental comments.

This pattern comes from being emotionally neglected in childhood to such a degree that the only way they got attention (love) from their parents is if they did something wrong. So, now in adulthood when the anger that arises from their partner, it equals love and attention for the Scorpio native person.

Drama and pain = love and attention for the deeply hurt Scorpio. Who at least is feeling something when the conflict arises. They don’t actually care if it’s drama or pain. It’s the same for them. Love, emotions, feelings.

You see Scorpios yearn to feel deep things so much they will create drama out of thin air just to feel something. On the positive side, Scorpios have a deep emotional awareness, a rich emotional life. But when younger this can be blocked because they have not done the work to get to know this part. Or blocked because of the emotional pain from those childhood experiences is so much to take, they don’t dare to go there. But they yearn to feel so strongly and deeply they will create drama instead.

The healthy way to approach this pattern is to become aware of this emptiness inside, offer attention and support to Yourself. And then openly ask that support and attention from Your partner, therapist, close ones. To acknowledge this pattern and learn to express Your needs in a more healthy way. To allow Yourself to feel Your feelings.

Scorpio’s ultimate higher goal is to transform and become a master of their inner being. To be emotionally strong and powerful in crisis. To die when they are still living.


To overcome the fear of death so that they are able to connect to other realms. And to help others going through a similar transformation.

Happy transforming!

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