The Internet And New Technologies

Image source: Photo by CMDR Shane on Unsplash

The internet has brought us the ability to share limitlessly. Within that happens teaching and learning, also limitlessly.

This means that the value of almost every skill diminishes very quickly. This is required for our society to grow faster. And I don’t mean growing in numbers. I mean evolving as a species.

This also requires a new system to distribute resources. The blockchain is the next step in this equation. But beware, technology without the capacity to use that technology for the greater good of humanity will only spawn new means of control.

So at the same time that we develop new technologies, we have to develop new understandings within ourselves.

Simple things like we are literally here on this earth together and if we destroy it we won’t have a place to live. Or provide us with food and resources.

Or that the person passing me by at the supermarket is another expression of myself. And if they are having a particularly bad time that will influence my time on this planet.

Or the fact that everything we do in this lifetime or the next influences us. Either in this lifetime or the next.

These are very simple, yet hard to understand facts.

As a society we have to become a living, breathing organism. That understands the power of the collective and values the uniqueness of the individual just the same. Finding the balance between extremes.

Only then we can go on to bigger and better things. Because in the understanding of we are here together (or we are a conscious organism) and learning of it lies our true power and greatness. The power of the horde.

Ian Altosaar

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