The Truth About Money Thursday — Where does the real value of money come from?

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

I’ve been wondering about a controversial topic lately.

What if tomorrow, nobody valued money anymore?

What would be the means of exchange then?

How would we cope as a human society?

Would it be just anarchy?

Because when You think about it, money only has the value humans give it.

Nothing else, nothing more.

It used to be backed by gold. It was called the gold standard.

It had some real tangible value.

At this moment in time, the only thing that is separating us from financial chaos, the belief humans are putting into money.

By now You might be wondering, why is this guy even thinking about this? There’s no chance this will happen in the near future!

This is where I believe You are wrong.


Because believing in something is a tricky thing. Let’s take Santa Clause for a moment.

When You are a kid it seems very magical and true that a bearded guy judges You. And based on that judgment You get presents or coal(what a nice racket by the parents by the way).

Then You get older and realize this is not true. There really isn’t a guy that does that. It’s just a story and the real Santa Clause is some guy called Pekka in Northern Finland who gets paid to be Santa.

But until then it made sense to believe in Santa Clause. Only after receiving more information about him You decided to change Your beliefs.

It’s exactly the same with money.

Imagine You learned something about money You don’t like. What if a lot of people did that at the same time?

What would happen?

They would probably get really angry at first. And then disregard it completely.

Just like it happened with Dear Santa.

Now this piece is not here to wreak havoc on Your life.


It is here to free You from the shackles of Your mind.

To show that what we think is the absolute truth, has the ability to change rapidly and very quickly.

To inspire You and other people to think of new ways to coexist with each other on this planet.

Because if my calculations are correct, approximately during the next 7 years there will be a massive shift in our financial system.

The vulnerability of the current system will become obvious to humans and trust towards it will crumble.

And that means we need something else to replace it.

Now, just imagine what would that look like?

Ian Altosaar

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