Some Days

Image source: On some days You won’t do much You will get up and try And You will fall down and fail miserably Don’t kid Yourself This will happen more often than You’d like These are days for getting to know Yourself On a much deeper level You will want to try And move things … Read more

The Goodness of Mankind

Image source: Accepting Your chosen path or destiny if You will, can be quite challenging. Working with dense energy seems sometimes harsh and misguided. Often all we have to take us through is the knowing that hopefully, this will all make sense one day. And all of our gifts will reveal themselves when most necessary. … Read more

The Next Days of Man

Image source: Can this photo be any more cliche? Seek approval If only for Yourself The mind ripples into effects Poised for the thunderous effects Of mankind The social currency of today Disease and vomit Or forceful positivity There is a middle ground Hound by the protectors on each side We are torn towards extremes Only … Read more

A Vision

Image source: Do You realize how hard it is? To do the things that nobody is doing To go to the places unknown To feel the pain that is not felt And come back to tell the tale? There’s only so far I could go alone I have to stroke the legs of mystics … Read more

A Different Agenda

Image source: Photo by Radu Andrei Razvan from Pexels I’m really getting tired not being able to live at my own pace It might seem like I’m getting tired of the human race That’s fortunately not the case Although I believe we have to end this God damn race With each other, with ourselves … Read more

Consciousness of Mankind

Image source: Photo by kailash kumar from Pexels Where does selfishness come from? Is it just the result of extremes? And a certain kind of healthy balance is necessary? It is actually always a prerequisite for healthy growth and a stable society Because it is in the consciousness of man where the worlds we … Read more

Humans First

Image source: I’m terrified of failure. It’s one of the things I cannot seem to shake no matter how much I feel or take action, learn, face my demons or live on this planet. I’m just terribly afraid of failing. There is one very good reason for this. You see for me, failing means … Read more

Keep Going

Image source: What troubles Your soul? The belonging Of which You have known Growing Although not complete Is a journey Towards discovery, forever Incomplete Dear God Look into my eyes and see The strength and perseverance I am a good boy, You must see Torn still by the temptress of gold Becoming holy, why … Read more

Knowing Nothing and Everything

Image source: I’ve been thinking lately… What if I forgot all the spiritual and not spiritual wisdom I’ve accumulated over the years, what would happen? How would I make my decisions then? How would I approach situations then? The problem with knowledge and wisdom gotten from the outside is that it’s actually someone else’s … Read more