The Truth About Money Thursday – A Personal Story

For this week I pondered very long what to talk about. A lot of ideas came but one, a very personal truth about money was the most prevalent.

It’s strange because it was actually a lie that I kept telling myself about money and making it. But in order to find my truth I had to bring this lie to light and see it for what it really was.

So, for a very long time (over the span of some years) I kept telling myself that I really don’t need money.

Every time I felt powerless towards money, I told myself a new lie about it. “Money is evil!” Or “I don’t really need it.” And my favorite one “I’ll just go for some higher ideals instead of money.”

Instead of feeling powerless and discovering my truth about money, I suppressed it with lies to avoid the real pain underneath.

These “truth-lies” would have been fine if they would have been my real truth at the time.

But they were not.

One thing about truth and lies is, when we tell ourselves lies, we suffer. When we tell the truth, we are free.

I kept lying to myself and suffering because of it.

Because deep down, at my core, I really wanted to make it. And make lots of it.

Basically, I was going around the world doing my best to create things of value and make money through them. And at the same time telling the world I don’t really need it or it’s bad.

You can probably see the contradiction within myself there.

Not so surprisingly I had trouble making it, and more importantly, I felt guilty if I made it.

This is the biggest take away here.

Every time I made money, especially when I made it with ease, I felt guilty. Because underneath I thought money was bad and evil.

What a conundrum I had gotten myself in!

Luckily, I am a curious one and I looked to other people who had made decent amounts of money. Or at the very least, had a good vibration around money.

With their help, I started realizing my mind fuck of saying one thing but actually wanting something else entirely.
Thanks to realizing that I was able to get closer to my truth with money.

Money is something that can buy me time on this planet. It can also do good in the right hands. With it, I can create what I want with more ease. Money should serve me, not the other way around.

These shifts took a while. But one of the biggest things that has changed for me is receiving or making money.

When I do it now, I feel amazing. I’m very happy when I make money now and I can see all the opportunities it can provide for me.

It’s really awesome to make and have money. There’s actually no reason for You to resist it so.

In the end, it is Your choice if You receive it or resist it. Just make sure You are speaking Your truth about money to Yourself. Otherwise, You will suffer in the long run.

You and only You alone can know what is Your personal truth about money. Other people can only help You discover it.

Ian Altosaar

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