Mystical Money Machine Radio episode 2 – Beliefs about money

When I started creating content for this week many ideas came. Also, my own personal beliefs around
money were thrown in my face. And some from the past as well.

It is clear to me that there are many good people out in the world. People who really want to do
good things as well.

But these people reject money because of their beliefs.

It is very simple, You can reject money but it’s Your choice. Before You do that though, consider
the system we are currently living in. It is a system where money is used as the primary means of exchange.

You are most likely going to have a bad time when You reject it. And all Your worthy ideals,
good ideas will remain just those, ideas. Because most often than not, You are going to need money to realize these ideas.

I came into contact with a lot of people this week online who reject making money, are against setting financial goals, and quite possibly think money is evil.

I can relate to those people because I used to think that as well. I used to make myself believe those lies. That lead to more and more suffering. Until I had no other choice but to start looking for new truths.

It was a huge game changer for me. I can’t emphasize this enough, what You believe about money will be Your reality.

I recorded another episode of the Mystical Money Machine radio. Episode 2, it’s about this very topic.

How I realized my rejection of money came from my feelings of powerlessness towards it.

I hope You can relate to this and make the necessary shifts around Your beliefs around money.

From my own experience, You are going to have a much better time on this planet if You do.

Happy listening!

Ian Altosaar

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