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The following is a post in the Mystical Money Machine group that I created on Facebook.

I’ve been a little uninspired by Thursday’s topic, positives about money. So I decided to change this to The Truth About Money Thursdays.

I believe this is more suitable and will give us a bigger spectrum to discuss and learn from.

This week I will share a documentary with You that I believe has tremendous value.

It’s called Princes of Yen and it’s based on the book by Dr. Richard Werner.

It takes a deep look at the financial cycle in Japan after 1941 until the 1990s.

Important things to pay attention to:

  • Every crisis or boom has a reason.
  • All of them are man-made and designed for a very specific reason. Mostly to gather more power. Change the laws in place.
  • Everything has cycles, even the economy.
  • We need to learn to spot them and act accordingly.

Meaning learn to take advantage of them so that we will take back the power.

Where this current economic boom is headed?

In my opinion (based on research and observations) towards more power into the hands of a few top organizations. Mostly central banks.

They will digitalize money and use the example of blockchain, digital currencies to force this on our society. (After creating another crisis of course.)

I would be very happy with this but this type of digital currency is very controlled (government made).

They will know exactly what we spend on, how much and what we buy, and where we buy it. The ultimate control. And they will use the excuse of „reducing crime“ to do it. And/or to excuse of Universal Basic Income. I believe UBI is a great idea but not when the government dictates this. There’s a good chance they will offer UBI to everyone who gets chipped. Meaning, they will offer “free money”, digital currency that can be traced to everybody who gets an RFID chip under their skin. Just one scenario but the probability for this is great. This is not meant to scare You but to raise awareness what would this mean.

Then they would have ultimate control. Forget about turning Your phone off or destroying it. Now You have something under Your skin that allows You to be traced, Your every move, decision, habit collected as data and used against You. The best case scenario with this that they will use this data to sell You more stupid stuff. The worst case scenario, they will have the ability to turn You off (kill You.)

Now I know how this sounds, a bit paranoid. And I agree, it is. Just a little bit.

The good news is that ultimately we, the humans, have the ability to choose. Either to go with this type of society or choose something else.

And it will make sense to the common man but think about it?

Everything we do, spend, make, buy will be known and controlled.

No freedom.

What’s a better alternative?

Digital currency that cannot be traced. Already Monero and RYO are good examples. This means that You have digital currency, You get paid in it but the network is You. You with Your PC, GPU and Android phone for example. (Probably can mine crypto with iPhone as well. I have not tested it though.)

Everybody participates in the validity of the network and thus, the network cannot be tainted with.

You will make payments and receive them but nobody knows it’s You who spent it or received it.

Or in other words, freedom.

Obviously, this is a huge topic and we will continue to unravel this as time goes on but these are some of the things to keep in mind.

Enjoy the movie!

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