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Most people are afraid of loneliness.

They do their best to avoid it at all cost.

They are afraid that they will discover darkness.

Yes, this is true. You will.

But You will also discover greatness.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s okay if You think You are a bad person secretly underneath.

You are.

You are also a good person.

You are actually everything that has ever been and is and will be in existence.

What’s there to be afraid of?

Or what are You afraid of that You resist it so?

Is it he hollowness that is there regardless of how many conversations or relationships You have?

Because I have news for You. It’s there anyway. Might as well stare it straight in the face and stop pretending that it’s not there.

Because it is.

Why You might be asking at this moment?

Why is there such a need to discover ourselves?

That’s why we are here.

We have drifted off course to such an extent that we have no idea who we are as a species.

We go for cheap thrills instead of genuine discovery.

We avoid ourselves and others instead of deep commitment and knowing of life.

This has to change.

Because I think that deep down You already know it.

You know something is wrong but You can’t put Your finger on it.

You are like Neo from the Matrix without knowing it.

The itch that cannot be scratched with shallow, superficial things any longer.

You know You want more. More than those party filled nights with people who talk about nothing.

So instead of going for those, go for loneliness instead.

Stare it straight in it’s face.

And marvel at the discovery of You.

Ian Altosaar

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