A Bigger Man

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Sometimes I wish I was a bigger man
Not percolating here in the sand
But is this what makes a person grand?
Being out there making stands?
Damn, feels like I’m on remand
Or am I just going mad, thinking this is bad?
If only, just a tad.
Pulled out of a bag it seems
Faced with needs, deeds
Living across the fields
Of everything that stands on the hands
I carry with me to the revealed place I call my heart
Torn apart, by long days of darkness, heartless
Escape leaves a bitter taste
I’m ready to see the unseen and feel what’s left unfelt
Fear has it’s grip on me, to ask for help
Melts my heart, I look afar, even to the stars
To the unforsaken Mars, held back by the bars
Of my own bloody memoirs
I hold tightly, frighteningly, lightly
Take them apart and I start
To appreciate life with my own grand heart

With an open heart,

Ian Altosaar

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