Your Emptiness is Your Business

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels The more needy You are, the more You can’t wait to empty Yourself into her They further she pulls from You Some might “just do it” to get it over with To empty Your sack, just to keep You from leaving Because they have abandonment issues But after it’s … Read more

Imagined perfection

Photo by Valentin Lacoste on Unsplash We all move with Our perfect ideas Perfect judgments of how things should be But life is a constant reminder that Our judgments are imperfect at best As we move through these “fantasy worlds” we have created for Ourselves We only need to stop for a second to see the tragedy of … Read more

He Listens

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash He listens with intentAlthough his eyes rolling and his gaze turning tell another storyShe has had a bad day at workNot his faultBut he is the one who receives the bulk of that experience Not that he doesn’t careHe does, he is tiredTired of listeningTired of pretending to careWhile she speaks her … Read more


One of the greatest liberations for a human being is understanding that most people only care about the individual because it affects them in some way. So in truth, they are actually only caring about themselves. In this painful discovery it is easy to give into despair and pain. But if You look deeper, this … Read more

A Yearning For More

Photo by Dillon Shook on Unsplash Comfortable life sedatesIt numbs the mindYet we still yearn for the burning to subsideWhen we give away our edge Uncomfortable things give us back this edgeSo from time to timePush Yourself over that humpAnd look further Comfortable life seduces with it’s giftsPromises of happinessPleasure and nice goodiesThat make You feel better than … Read more

Suburban Blues

Photo by Tom Rumble on Unsplash As I lie hereBetween these perfect sheetsI wonderIs this all that I need? Sedated, almost drowning In the comfortable numbness I find myself howling To the Moon instead Why these nick-nacks?Why are these of such importance?The quest for IKEAesque perfection The allure of this, the great seduction It permeates, it creeps into our … Read more


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Commitment is fucking crazy Yet I still do it Commitment means pain and suffering Yet I’m still pulled towards it Commitment means emotion and confinement of desire Yet my soul still burns for it In commitment, people go crazy Yet they still do it Because something within them is calling Broken humans … Read more


Photo by Eddi Aguirre on Unsplash The comfortable life has made You bitterThe lack of meaning You find in each dayAlmost unbearable You drinkYou smokeYou chit-chatThe coldness of these moments swallows YouUntil there is nothing left You cry when You are alonePut on a brave mask when You are notIt suffocates YouIt rips You apartAnd … Read more


Photo by takahiro taguchi on Unsplash I fail silentlyWhen no one is aroundI scream of agonyWhen I hit the ground Failure is painfulIt’s restlessIt comes and goesBut the pain of it keeps on lurking It rarely makes a soundIt is I who makes itNo power leftTo lift me up I sometimes smileMy heart breaks at … Read more