A Magnificent Beast

Image source: My private collection. Norway, Norefjell. Photo by Gunnar Kopperud

What do I seek from this?
A momentary relief?
I hope that there is more than that here

Life is just a gauntlet for being
Being here gracefully
Being here silently
Being here with tremendous amounts of fire

So I search for this
This magnificent beast with blue eyes
Shining so bright
Underneath the murky skies
Saying elusive goodbyes
To weary travelers
Who pass her by

Digging for gold
They reach inside her soul
As do I, because who am I?
Am I not a weary traveler?
Maybe with some added spunk in my step

The fruit given out by her luscious eyes
Is contagious and exhilarating
It can drive You mad
But a wise seeker listens and learns
He yearns, then lets it come to him
He craves but stands strong

Juice drips from her saddle
And then I can drink
Drink as much as I can
Lay my head
In her helping hand
Watch the sun
And call her hun

Ian Altosaar

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