A Much Needed Commodity In The Marketplace Today

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We need more listeners. And not passive listeners, very active listeners.

True listening is a very active act. Because in those moments when another person is expressing themselves, many things happen in our minds, souls, bodies. We might get triggered, we might disagree or agree, we may get a brand new idea, many things. But all those things really need to wait. Why?

Because spirit is in the act of expressing itself. Spirit is energy, energy needs to move, nay, it wants to move. We must allow spirit to express itself before we, with our own spirit step in. Because in that allowing we’ve allowed creation to emerge. And when we meddle before the expression has run it’s course, energy gets stuck. Stuck energy creates suffering, pain and illness.

So it is our duty to actually allow spirit. And listening is spirit. Just in a different form.

I will give an example of what it looks like. When we cut someone off while they are expressing themselves or speaking, it is like taking a pair of scissors and cutting the universe in half. We are in that moment stopping the flow of energy, in a place where one of the rules is, energy wants so move. It has to move.

We are going against all of creation, the essence of life itself.

We can do that but it’s actually more enjoyable and healthier to move with the forces that support us.

Ian Altosaar

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