A Simple Revolution

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By now a lot of people have realized that we hold the power. Meaning everything we put our energy into is created in the real world. And by energy I mean, thought, money, action etc.

Also we have understood that many people who are in places of power use it poorly.

How can we make better choices and continue this revolution?

I say continue because it has already begun. Largely thanks to advancements in technology, the internet and recording equipment etc (of course the fact that we have developed so much as humans and have done our inner work or are doing that.) We now can see and hear what is really going on. Well, mostly. People who have not done their inner work or are not in the process of doing that can’t get away with as much as they used to. That obviously includes everyone of us on the planet.

Simple yet hard actions we must take to continue on this path.

Look at places we shop, the technology we use, where we get our news, basically what we consume has to change drastically. Putting our energy into places we deem more healthy for us and this planet.

Second step. Create more of these types of businesses ourselves or invest in companies that have that vision in mind. We need to become conscious creators in every way. And not only businesses, art, music, systems of governance that give more power to each individual. I only talk in the language of businesses because this is the system we live in currently. In order for this to change I believe we, “the common people”, have to become powerful in that way as well. Achieve personal and financial sovereignty. So in the worst case scenario we can create “freedom” for ourselves in separate communities before the people who want power over us “get it” and join us.

Because in the grand scheme of things this is about people wanting power over one another. The are many reasons for this. For example not being able to feel their feelings of disappointment or lack of self worth. Or even as esoteric as aliens wanting to suck energy out of the human race. This one is a little out there but bare with me.

This universe is governed by the law of free will. So if we collectively decide that we want something different, new rules, new governance, new relationships, new businesses etc, then it will be so. Although the road to it might be hard it is that simple.

We have to get clear in what we want for ourselves and this planet of ours. And then go out and do it.

Ian Altosaar

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