Image source: Photo by tyler hendy from Pexels It is slimmer than we thought The notion of life itself To capture a moment in time perfectly Could take forever Remember Thinking a thought fuels creation to begin In other words Creators create by emitting energy into consciousness Think of a thought as a sort of … Read more


Image source: If we are destined to be Why all this conflict in our minds? Why have the great minds of our time And the times before us Gone unnoticed? What is their purpose? What is my purpose? Is it to create? Even though it evaporates into nothingness I hope it gets recognized Even more … Read more

A Simple Revolution

Image source: By now a lot of people have realized that we hold the power. Meaning everything we put our energy into is created in the real world. And by energy I mean, thought, money, action etc. Also we have understood that many people who are in places of power use it poorly. How … Read more