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After the initial spiritual awakening, there is a phase in between the beginning and then becoming a normal person that we can call becoming holier than others. Or even “more spiritual” than others.

It is a phase where the human being who is going through the awakening thinks that they are better than others.

And they walk around looking like they are performing the most important “spiritual” ceremony constantly.

Having gone through this myself it is much easier to observe this energy.

The person seems like they are in constant meditation. Which can be recognised from the blissful grin they have on their face.

This grin doesn’t leave their face in public but it does so when they are home alone (been there, done that). Because if You imagine it is very hard to be in a blissful meditation constantly. And this is not what the material reality is about as well.

But in the midst of the spiritual awakening people’s emotions and feelings are confusing.

We are opening to new realities, energies and new ways of being.

This fuels confusion and brings up the insecurities deep within us.

One of the reasons people even go into spirituality is the lack of identity. Imagine this person now being opened up to universal energies that are extremely powerful.

A situation ripe for this type of behaviour to emerge.

Because what is actually underneath this “I’m holier than others” type of acting out is insecurity.

It is as if the person finally finds something new to identify themselves with (spiritual behaviour, spiritual teachers) and they fully latch on to it, without really understanding if it’s their own way of being or not.

But the lack of self-worth within the person is actually the root cause for this.

If there is no worth, the easiest way to get immediate worth (but not true inner worth) is to be (or think) that You are better than others.

In this case, because You are holier, have more crystals, have fancier yoga pants or shop organic, or insert something that “spiritual” people do (again, been there, done that), You are better than those who don’t do this.

This hole within the person can only be filled with some presence and an understanding of where this hole came from. And then forgiving those people.

When that’s done all the yoga pantsing and crystal comparing can stop (I have crystals myself, and I’m not knocking on anyone who owns crystals). Or fearing that if You are not taking part in that spiritual retreat You are going to be left behind.

Then You can finally just start learning about Yourself and who You really are.

Being “spiritual” has nothing to do with fancy ceremonies, crystals, yoga pants, going to retreats, or who can meditate the longest, or who has access to more angels.

Spirituality (if You want to call it that) is more to do with living in the real world, showing up, doing Your work, thinking, feeling, sharing Your work, building things, sharing Your findings, etc.

It’s treating others with respect and dignity. Add Yourself to this as well!

If You happen to wear yoga pants while doing it, then okay. But don’t be a dick about it!

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